What Would I do? #MFRWauthor #blogchallenge #thingtodo #amwriting

Happy Friday! That means it’s time for the  MFRW 2018 52-week Blog Challenge. Our week our topic is ~~What I would do if I couldn’t be a writer. Here are a few examples…

I would spend more time in my yard and garden.

I would cook and bake


I would craft and sew  and make doll clothes


And crochet. as you see I have a ton of Yarn…

And mostly I would read!

What would you do If you didn’t have the job you do?


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22 responses to “What Would I do? #MFRWauthor #blogchallenge #thingtodo #amwriting”

  1. I crochet, too! I love it! I just returned to it about a year ago. And, you have your yarn so organized! That looks so lovely! My yarn organization is much more like chaos. lol

  2. Great options. I should have added clean my house more often. LOL I mean it is clean, but it could probably be cleaner if I wasn’t focused on spending my quiet hours in front of my computer instead.

    • I just need to get it all organized real good once then I could spend an hour a day and keep it clean. But I dally too much.

  3. First, I am envious of your craft room/office. Secondly, I think it would be a toss-up between us who has the most yarn! Great post! My brain instantly went to job titles, not the things I’d like to do. I may have to rethink my whole post!

  4. Hmmmm…..maybe start the Operation Christmas Cookie? Making cookies and other baked goods for the homeless/food pantries/other organizations. Something I’ve thought about for years, but never seem to have the time to implement.

    • I would be happy to help. I use to go to my friend’s every spring when she idid her spring cleaning to organize her food pantry

  5. All your choices sound fun, Cathy. I’ve thought of taking up crocheting again, but I don’t know when I’d have time. Not that I was good at it, but I did make an afghan blanket once.

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