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  • Serenity Sunday ~Roses

    Roses in May This one is a Pinata                                      Showstopper in red                    A new Miranda Lambert               I forgot the name of this…

  • Serenity Sunday

    My allergies have me so down that I have not been out much. I was so groggy at Easter dinner I forgot to take pictures.  I stole one from my son-in-law. He did such a good job on this one it looks professional. Daenerys in my shade garden My daughter sporting her new haircut it was…

  • Serenity Sunday

    Ducks and Geese in a pond on the way to Kennett where we get grocery.

  • Serenity Sunday~Spring is early.

    This winter has been really weird. Here in the bootheel of Missouri, we have had lots of rain and the weather yo-yo during the week we may have 70’s for a couple of days then down in the  40’s a couple.  Our daffodils have bloomed. And my Neighbors tulip tree is beautiful yet messy! I have…

  • Serenity Sunday~Baby and Doggy Cuteness

    I had something else planned for today but my daughter and son came over with the children. Daenerys my 3-year-old granddaughter and my four-legged little girl Molly had a moment. Sorry. It’s like those yummy potato chips I couldn’t pick just one. Could you?