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  • You Might be a Romance Writer If…#writingromance #steamyromance #awriterslife

     Wow it is June and this year I half over. This month I asked my authors some questions you all may have been wondering yourselves.(I have read this book and will share my review with you all as well.  I asked Sadira Stone What makes a person a Romance writer? You Might Be a Romance […]

  • Writing Romance A-Z~~The letter G

     WRITING ROMANCE  A_Z  LETTER G Hi Yall welcome to Writing Romance A-Z. Today is the letter G.  This one is easy for me. One of my favorite words is gorgeous. It is perfect for romance. We all love gorgeous men and women. I also love the word gregarious. It means enjoying the company of others. […]

  • Writing Romance~~A-Z ~~C~~#amwriting #A-Zchallenge

     The letter C is pretty easy. There are lots of simple words and a few I don’t think I will ever use.  Let’s start with Characters. We can’t have any kind of story without them. Some may be good , some bad, some needy, but the Character is the main focus of a story. The […]

  • Writing Romance A-Z ~~The Letter A

      Hi, Y’all welcome to my new feature Writing Romance A -Z. Last month you may have seen many blogs writing daily posts using the alphabet. I thought instead of daily post I would do one weekly. Since I write contemporary romance in multiple genres, I will be using romance as the topic. This week […]