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  • Serenity Sunday My craft room

    I have lots of hobbies. over the years I have tried just about everything and accumulated lots of stuff. too much stuff. This past week I organized everything so I can get back to making things without going out to buy something I can’t find.   My Yarn and fabric             […]

  • Serenity Sunday~New from~#recycledwood #heirlooom

    My husband has a hobby. He goes around and finds cut down trees and brings them home. He even bought a lot so he could put his sawmill (yes he has a sawmill ) on it to make boards from the trees. He spends hours cutting these trees into boards sorting the good from bad cutting […]

  • Serenity Sunday~~Bench for my Mudroom #saveatree

    A couple of Years ago my hubby decided he wanted his own sawmill. Now remember we live in the city limits. So he bought one and began getting with the tree companies to get logs from them instead of them hauling them to the dump to be burned. when most of these were  the wrong […]