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  • Old into new~~#trashtotreasure #deletedscenes #decluttering

    Old into new~~#trashtotreasure  #deletedscenes  #decluttering

        This week was a bust on writing and decluttering. Between my stomach and my asthma, I haven’t been able to do too much. These sinus headaches make it hard to focus or think On the good side, I did get back my Short story for another round. The comments weren’t all that bad […]

  • Serenity Sunday~New from~#recycledwood #heirlooom

    My husband has a hobby. He goes around and finds cut down trees and brings them home. He even bought a lot so he could put his sawmill (yes he has a sawmill ) on it to make boards from the trees. He spends hours cutting these trees into boards sorting the good from bad cutting […]