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  • To Market, To Market #marketing #sales #Awriterslife

    Last week I talked about target audiences. This week I want to talk about marketing in general. No I don’t have a book out yet,but from all I have read ad learned over the years, you should start marketing when you start writing. I have built a platform over the years ( more an that […]

  • Are you my Target? #marketing #writing #audience

    Writing isn’t all about the story. That’s the easy (or should I say fun part). The thing is, if you plan to sell this story you have to find a market. I’m not talking about Wal-mart, the grocery store or other things that pop in your mind at the word (though Walmart would be awesome). […]

  • Writing~Marketing & Supporting Good Causes #loveforallseasons #lgbtq

    Writing~Marketing & Supporting Good Causes #loveforallseasons #lgbtq

    I am so happy to be included in this anthology with some very well’known authors in the MM romance field. Most are on my favorite author list and the others after reading this book I will be reading more as well. It is a bittersweet moment. I learned so much in this process and over […]