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Inspiration, Writing Angels and Research by Jessica James #ghoststory #historicalfiction #civilwarromance

The story behind Lacewood… I often get asked how a story comes about, so I thought I’d share a little bit about the sometimes painful, always unpredictable, process with you. The inspiration for this novel began very innocently. I started noticing sycamore trees while driving…

Yes, There was a time before TV #inspiration # historicalromance #giveaway

Why I Write Historical Romance By Caroline Clemmons Our family didn’t get a television set until I was eleven or twelve. Even then, where we lived in West Texas, shows were only broadcast in the evening. So, our family talked to one another. Imagine that?…

A mixup #MFRWauthor #socialmedia #fixingmymistake #blogchallenge

 Hi ya’ll This is week 15 of the MFRW52week blog Challenge. It seems like somehow last week I posted the wrong post.  It was supposed to be where my inspiration comes from and this week was the social media one. I am blaming my dyslexia…

Luke’s Dragon

MFRW 52 week Blog challenge 2019

MFRW 52 week Blog challenge 2019




Cathy Brockman lives in a small town near the river. Lucky enough to be able to retire she now writes full-time Her stories are based on dreams, hope, love, lots of romance, a little humour and good always wins out over evil.
She also writes stories for children under the name of Cathy Boyd.
Cathy still believes in love, Santa, and the Easter bunny; well at least dragons, unicorns, vampires and fairies. She loves to collect dolls, sew, up-cycle, crochet, garden, cook, and play games on her kindle. She loves spending time with her grandies and furbabies. She loves to read and write every chance she gets.
She loves making new friends follow on FB,twitter, pinterst, instagram or one of the groups aove

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