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  • A Recipe to End Chaos (at least at dinnertime) #tacosoup #kidfiendly #dystopianromance

    This week’s guest is K.A. Raines with a great recipe for fall, that is fast and easy to fix and to talk about her new book The Infiltrator. My life is ridiculously hectic. I work PRN as a medical assistant (when I began my debut novel, I was working fulltime), go to school, and am […]

  • Friends can Inspire #coworkers #havingfun #awriterslife

    This Month I am asking our gusts some tough questions. Inquiring minds want to know. I Asked P.J. MacLayne Where is the funniest place you got your writing inspiration.? P.J.; Some background story is necessary to answer this question. I have a day job in a male-dominated field. It’s a very logic-driven field (think computers) […]

  • Unblock Your Creativity #writing games # Giveaway

    I hope you have enjoyed this month’s May showers blog party. I have loved reading about all the authors and how they are coping with this pandemic and gotten some good recipes and tips. It isn’t over yet! we still have a week of fun left and our final guest is N.A. Moore. Check in […]

  • Snow in May #farmlife #sportsromance #giveaway

    I know April Showers brings May flowers is the proper statement but this month me and several author friends are going to shower you with fun tips to make the best of this Corona Virus Pandemic, crafts and or recipes plus there is a big giveaway at the end so read on and enter! Today’s […]

  • Dreams, Wishes, and Goals #goalsetting #dreams #achievability

    We are already looking January in our rearview mirror. I hope you have enjoyed all of the posts about goals. There have been lots of tips and ideas that I plan to try myself. I hope you have found some too. Today’s guest brings the month to an end with more tips about goals and […]