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Swimming With The Manatees #inthespotlight #katherineeddingersmits #waterdesires

This week in the spotlight our guest is Katherine Smits, Author of Water Desires. She is going to tell us why she loves Florida in the Spring. and about her book Water desires. I love Spring in Florida. Our brownish lawns brighten to green and…

Hot Medieval Romance and Renaissance Fairs #jousting #inthespotlight

Medieval romance is fun to write if A – you lived in those times or B – you like to do research. I am in group B. I was that weird kid in school who, when the teacher announced an essay, I got excited. So,…

A Look At Spring by J.A. Kazimer #inthespotlight #cuffed #rom/com

A Look at Spring in New Never City by Detective Goldie Locks Springtime in New Never City is an okay time of year. At least the scent of chicken and vegetables normally wafting from the section of city known as Alphabet Soup, along Avenues XYZ…

In The Spotlight With Jamie Deacon #sportsromance #football #afewofmyfavoritethings

  A huge thank you to Cathy for inviting me here today to tell you a little about the new novella in my Boys on the Brink series, a sweet YA M/M romance titled Defensive Play, and also to share my favourite things about Christmas….

In The Spot Light with Daryl Devore~Dark Chocolate and Strawberries #twistedfairytale #romance #awriterslife

  In The Spotlight Today in the spotlight I have Daryl Devore. She is going to tell us a little about Thanksgiving in Canada. Hello Daryl, It’s great to meet you. How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? I’m Canadian so we’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving, but I…

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Luke’s Dragon

Baseball Bats and CowBoy Hats

To the Editor04/28/2019
Yay I did it!

Charity Anthology

The Big Day08/01/2019
14 days to go.

MFRW 52 week Blog challenge 2019

MFRW 52 week Blog challenge 2019




Cathy Brockman lives in a small town near the river. Lucky enough to be able to retire she now writes full-time Her stories are based on dreams, hope, love, lots of romance, a little humour and good always wins out over evil.
She also writes stories for children under the name of Cathy Boyd.
Cathy still believes in love, Santa, and the Easter bunny; well at least dragons, unicorns, vampires and fairies. She loves to collect dolls, sew, up-cycle, crochet, garden, cook, and play games on her kindle. She loves spending time with her grandies and furbabies. She loves to read and write every chance she gets.
She loves making new friends follow on FB,twitter, pinterst, instagram or one of the groups aove

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