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  • Friends can Inspire #coworkers #havingfun #awriterslife

    This Month I am asking our gusts some tough questions. Inquiring minds want to know. I Asked P.J. MacLayne Where is the funniest place you got your writing inspiration.? P.J.; Some background story is necessary to answer this question. I have a day job in a male-dominated field. It’s a very logic-driven field (think computers) […]

  • Chasing Plot Bunnies #plots #awriterslife #wheredidthatideacomefrom

    I have talked recently about plotting vs pantsing, You can read that here if you would like to know the difference: https://cathybrockman.com/2019/05/10/stuck-in-the-middle-mfrwauthor-plotter-panster/ , but before you can do either you actually need a story idea or at least an inspiration. This is what us authors jokingly refer to as plot bunnies. These bunnies could come […]