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  • Dreams, Wishes, and Goals #goalsetting #dreams #achievability

    We are already looking January in our rearview mirror. I hope you have enjoyed all of the posts about goals. There have been lots of tips and ideas that I plan to try myself. I hope you have found some too. Today’s guest brings the month to an end with more tips about goals and […]

  • Following the Rules #goals #newyear #writing

    Wow, it is already mid-month. Time is sliding right away. I haven’t even made my goals much less get started. I do have some author friends that have. This week Michal Scott is here to share their goals with you. Hello Michal: Hi Cathy. Thanks for inviting me to share my goals and new book […]

  • Goals, Memoirs, and sticking to it. #NewYear #settinggoals #memoirs

    January is the time most of us set new goals or make resolutions. I asked some of my author friends what their goals are for the upcoming year. Meet Herbert Grosshans. Hi, Herbert what are your goals for 2020? Herbert: Here we are in the year 2020. Writing those numbers seems almost surreal. What happened […]

  • Do You Have Hope? #newyear #goals

    Last year was a bad year for me, and I noticed it was for lots of my friends. I can honestly say I am glad to see 2019 go. To start off the new year I invited some guests to share with us their opinions on resolutions and goals for 2020. Our first guest is […]

  • A new Year, New goals

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s already the 4th day of the New Year. It’s also my Birthday.  This year I decided to bake myself a cake. The jury is still out on whether it will be Carrot, Texas sheet cake or Boston cream cake. All my favorites LOL I am leaning on the Boston Cream cake also known as a […]