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  • I know its early. #mothersday #amcooking #awriterslife

    I know its early. #mothersday #amcooking #awriterslife

      Hi Ya’ll. This month you will see a new title on Monday. With such busy lifestyles and the price of food so high, I thought I would share some of my meal plans with you but make them fun. So now Monday Munchies is Meal planning Monday. I am going to share with you not only […]

  • Don’t be Chicken #cookonceeatmore #makeaheadmeals #awriterslife

    Don’t be Chicken #cookonceeatmore #makeaheadmeals #awriterslife

      I am always trying to find ways to feed my family, stay on a budget, come up with different meals, and make the meals faster, leaving me more time for writing and working on decluttering the house. That is why I am talking about cooking once and making more meals from it. This week I […]