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  • How to Survive House Arrest (Pandemic) #musthave #survival #

    This week’s guest is Alice Renaud with he top tips on surviving lockdown. Enjoy the read while I go stock up! Hello Alice! Must Have List for surviving a lockdown/quarantine/house arrest… Like many of us I have recently spent several months in lockdown, unable to leave the house except for a short walk once a […]

  • Down but not out #asthma #allergies #Giveaway

    I know I missed the last few weeks. Things have just been crazy. I’ve been down with asthma attacks and every-time I go out to work in the yard or out at all I have an attack. It has been all I can do to sit up for an hour or two to get any […]

  • Romance, Fantacy and Horror #oddmix #bookfair

    Spring is right around the corner but it is still cold right now in most places, or some parts of the world it is summer. Either way, we want to cuddle up and read. Check out this book fair from Hydra Publications. A few of my friends are featured. First up is the multitalented Ellie […]

  • Home for the Holidays @andrewgreybooks #family #home #giveaway

    The Holidays are hectic trying to shop for everyone one else, so myself and several other authors decided to get together and help make your holiday brighter! To celebrate this festive season, I am bringing you 25 fabulous authors who are going to share how they celebrate and maybe a treat and decoration. We’re also […]

  • Walking into Balloon Walls #tricks #Werewolves #giveaway #Witches #Mages #LGBTQ

    Do you like sexy vampires or hot weres? What about gorgeous ghosts, witches, warlocks, mages or dragons? This month we are going to party all month long with some of your favorite authors or new to you ones. We will have tricks and treats galore so come join us every Saturday and Sunday in October! […]