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  • How to Survive House Arrest (Pandemic) #musthave #survival #

    This week’s guest is Alice Renaud with he top tips on surviving lockdown. Enjoy the read while I go stock up! Hello Alice! Must Have List for surviving a lockdown/quarantine/house arrest… Like many of us I have recently spent several months in lockdown, unable to leave the house except for a short walk once a […]

  • Spring is the season of love #gardentips #romance #spring

    This week’s guest is Alice Renaud telling us about her new book A Merman’s Choice and some tips on spring planting. Hello Alice! Hi Cathy and thank you for welcoming back to your bog to talk about something special to me and my new book! Spring is the season of love. It’s such a cliché, […]

  • Oh, Oh, oh…It’s Magic! #autumn #magic #mysticdesire #anthology

    Hello everyone! Can you believe September is almost over and summer with it? (I am not too sad about the loss of summer as I am a fall gal) Now we have fall and the holiday seasons setting in. Beautiful colors, cooler weather and lots of festivals and holidays. For October I am celebrating with […]

  • Perfect Summers by Alice Renaud #fantasy #myths #mermaids

    Are our childhood summer holidays the best holidays of our lives? Somehow they shimmer in our memory like golden, magical snippets of time. But I think the summers of my childhood were genuinely magical. I was a lucky girl, I grew up by the sea, in a beautiful area of France called Brittany. Holidays were […]