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  • Friends can Inspire #coworkers #havingfun #awriterslife

    This Month I am asking our gusts some tough questions. Inquiring minds want to know. I Asked P.J. MacLayne Where is the funniest place you got your writing inspiration.? P.J.; Some background story is necessary to answer this question. I have a day job in a male-dominated field. It’s a very logic-driven field (think computers) […]

  • What’s on Your Keeper Shelf #booksyoulove #favorites #awriterslife

    This month I have asked the authors some questions you may all be interested in.  I asked Anna T.S. what was on her Summer TBR pile. Anna T.S. Share Your Summer Reading List. Anna T.S. : What’s On Your Keeper Shelf? When the VCR was invented I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I […]

  • Reservations, tickets and a plan #MFRWauthor #bloghop #awriterslife #trip

    It’s Week 15 of the 52-week MFRW blog hop challenge: Planning a trip itinerary. Detailed or fly-by-the-seat of your pants? I like my vacations a bit like my writing. A bit of an outline on paper. Then pants the in between parts. I put down where I want to go, stops in between, Where I plan […]

  • Sensible or Fun? #ifIwonthelottery #MFRWautor #romance

    Welcome to Week 12 of the MFRW 52-week challenge. This week the the topic is what would you do “If you won the $10,000 lottery.” This is not as easy a question as it seems. Yes, it is a lot of money but then again it really isn’t. $10,000 is not enough to go out and […]

  • Happy Spring #decluttering #springfever #awriterslife

    It is finally spring. Here we will still have cool days but some in the 50 and 60. The fruit trees are already budding. I have spring fever already and am getting my house decluttered and rooms organized. My hubby made me some shelves in my office windows for my house plants. I usually put […]