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  • Writing Romance~~The letter M

    Hi, Y’all!Welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z. Today I am on the letter M.  At first I couldn’t think of anything then a few hit me. Magnificent. I like this word. It puts oomph in a phrase.  She has pretty hair. She has magnificent eyes. See? Mundane gives the impression of boring or dull. Your character […]

  • Writing A-Z Letters K & L

    Hi Y’all. I got behind last week on my blogging with family and so much outside work to do.  Hubby and I are trying to get this jungle of garden and my rose garden back under control for the weeds. I will let you know if we win or not LOL. I missed last weeks […]

  • Writing Romance A-Z–Letter H

    Hi Ya’ll welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z. Today’s letter is H. I had fun with this one. First of all, there is Hate. We will get the bad one out of the way first. No matter what you write sometimes hate can be a catalyst. This may be the case in paranormal where there are […]

  • Writing Romance A-Z~~The letter G

     WRITING ROMANCE  A_Z  LETTER G Hi Yall welcome to Writing Romance A-Z. Today is the letter G.  This one is easy for me. One of my favorite words is gorgeous. It is perfect for romance. We all love gorgeous men and women. I also love the word gregarious. It means enjoying the company of others. […]

  • Writing Romance A-Z

    Writing Romance  A_Z F Hi Y’all. Welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z. Today’s letter is the letter F.  I am also doing things a bit different than the previous posts. Instead of long, boring lists that sound like a geeky encyclopedia, I am choosing a few words that I like to see in romances and […]