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  • Writerly Wednesday~It’s drafty in here

    Welcome back to Writerly Wednesday. This week I am going to talk about drafts. No not a chill in the air…though today it is a bit chilly or about being called up to serve in the service. I am talking about the process of getting a story from stage one…a first draft to the final stage…in […]

  • ~Held Hostage by the Muse

    Hi Y’all! I have a special friend visiting tomorrow so I thought I would do my Writerly Wednesday a day early. I had a post set to write-up, but I had a muse attack me the other night. Next week we may be Drafted. This week  I am talking about ideas and how they can come. […]

  • Writerly Wednesday~Decisions Decisions #amwriting #genres #newwip

    Five years ago I decided writing would be fun. Just pick up a pen and start writing that story brewing in my head.  That is a good thought. It is also a good start. In reality, it isn’t that easy at all. Having an idea for a story is a good beginning, but who are […]

  • Writerly Wednesday~Schedules#timekeepers #writingtools #amwriting

    Last week I made my decision on the project I was going to begin. I also knew I needed to work on the timeline first. My beta agreed to be my timekeeper and push me towards my goals. I agreed on two weeks to work on the timeline then to begin the rewrite that would be […]

  • Writerly Wednesday–New year~~new look!

    Writerly Wednesday–New year~~new look!

    Hi y’all! I hope you had a good January. I know the weather has been odd. we have had early spring like days, no snow but lots of rain. Some of my friends have had lots of snow, unfortunately giving it to me hasn’t worked yet. I spent January recovering from a bit of a […]