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  • Let’s Have a Heart to Heart #series #Judiphillips #storyideas

    This week’s guest is Judi Philips here to tell us how a little story from her dad started a series for her. Hi Judi! First of all, thanks, Cathy, for inviting me to share on your blog.  I appreciate the opportunity. As an author, I’m frequently asked, “Where do you get your ideas?”  My answer, […]

  • Do You Believe in Ghosts

    This week’s guest is Sheila Stewart here to share a true tale of ghosts and how it fits into her new Passion series. Hello Sheila! Alone in a house, you hear a creak behind you. You spin around, but there’s nothing there.  The hairs on your arm suddenly stand straight up, and a chill fills […]

  • A Model Character #writingcharacters #boxset #lastchancebeach

    This week I asked our guest Caroline Clemmons if she ever modeled a character after a friend or family and to tell us all about the boxed set she is participating in. read to the end for some specials and maybe a free recipe book! Hello Caroline! Thanks for stopping by this week. In general, […]

  • Stuck in the Vortex #abnomolies #placesofinspiration #whatyoucanfindintheER

    This week I asked our guest, Lyndi Alexander: Where is the funniest place you got your writing inspiration.? Lyndi: Ha! It’s not funny exactly, unless the emergency room is funny. In 2012, my then-husband was working full-time as an IT teacher. He came home one afternoon with what he said was “the worst headache I’ve […]

  • Now, Where did I Hide That Time?#writing #multitasking

    A full time job. Four kids at home. A supportive husband. Writing and publishing since 2010. How do I find the time to write? I find that doing one thing AND doing everything while also delegating household tasks. That is how I am able to balance my day job with family life with my writing […]