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  • Seven Guilty Pleasures #MFRWauthor

    This week our challenge is seven guilty pleasures. This was tougher than I thought it would be.   #1 is easy. Fried chicken. #2. Who doesn’t like a good juicy, burger and fries once in a while. Sometimes it’s hard to decide between regular fries or sweet potato fries. #3. Pie. I’m a southern girl and I love […]

  • Cat’s Meow~~Reviews That Purrr—Resurfaced by Leslie Lee Sanders

    Hi Y’all. It’s been a crazy week for me with fall approaching my allergies have kicked in and I have been dealing with a flea issue, so lots of spraying in the house. Bad for my allergies and asthma. Good that I get to lay down afterward and read all afternoon and evening. I was thrilled […]