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  • On the Menu #soup #dijonchicken #pizzastuffedshells

    I know i have been slack on blogging lately. last year there were lots of sickness and family issues and I couldn’t find the time. I decided to bring back a few of my favorites. I am going to do On The Menu a little different this year. Some weeks I will post my previous […]

  • #mealplanningmonday


    Hi Ya’ll. Welcome back to Meal Planning Monday. As you see the site is under construction so bear with me. This week’s national food days are~~~ May 14th National Buttermilk Biscuit Day I love a good homemade buttermilk biscuit. They aren’t as hard to make as you think. I like to make up a big batch […]

  • I know its early. #mothersday #amcooking #awriterslife

    I know its early. #mothersday #amcooking #awriterslife

      Hi Ya’ll. This month you will see a new title on Monday. With such busy lifestyles and the price of food so high, I thought I would share some of my meal plans with you but make them fun. So now Monday Munchies is Meal planning Monday. I am going to share with you not only […]

  • What should I choose~Maybe a little of each? #tapas #cincodemayo #good

    What should I choose~Maybe a little of each? #tapas #cincodemayo #good

    I love celebrating and creating theme meals for holidays and special occasions. As a single mom with no expendable cash I had to come up with creative ways to make things fun for the kids and so they wouldn’t feel like they had nothing. First of all, What is Cinco De Mayo? Here is a little […]

  • Double take Pork loin #instantpot #pressurecooking #pork #awriterslife

    Double take Pork loin #instantpot #pressurecooking #pork #awriterslife

    Can you believe it’s already April? Though spring is sprung Easter brought many a surprise of snow. We missed that but Saturday we got a little. I hope it doesn’t harm my fruit trees and keep me from having a good harvest. Outside my office window      Front porch…Iris checking it out     Shade […]