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  • Getting it together #amwriting #amorganizing #gettingfit #awriterslife

      Over the past year, there has been a lot going on in my life. Lots of family issues, health, and just life.I gained a good 20 pounds and had some stomach issues, test after test and still no results. Good news is They didn’t find anything serious. bad news, I still have a lot […]

  • Old into new~~#trashtotreasure #deletedscenes #decluttering

    Old into new~~#trashtotreasure  #deletedscenes  #decluttering

        This week was a bust on writing and decluttering. Between my stomach and my asthma, I haven’t been able to do too much. These sinus headaches make it hard to focus or think On the good side, I did get back my Short story for another round. The comments weren’t all that bad […]

  • Blocks in the path #intervetion #letthecreativejuiceflow #damnthemuses

    Over the last few weeks, I have felt down and depressed. It got to the point I was contemplating quitting writing. There were blocks in my path every way I turned. It wasn’t any one thing but a myriad.On top of already feeling overwhelmed with not finding the time I need to write and the balance […]

  • Serenity Sunday My craft room

    I have lots of hobbies. over the years I have tried just about everything and accumulated lots of stuff. too much stuff. This past week I organized everything so I can get back to making things without going out to buy something I can’t find.   My Yarn and fabric             […]

  • This n That Thursday ~~Spring Cleaning

    Today I continue the spring cleaning post with a guest post from (I am not affiliated. I am strictly sharing some interesting information and checklists) They messaged me and would like to share some expert tips and some checklists. Take a long, slow look around your living room. As the winter weather fades with […]