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  • Holiday meals made simple. #Easterdinner #family #awriterslife

    Holiday meals made simple. #Easterdinner  #family  #awriterslife

      Hi, ya’ll welcome back to Monday Munchies. I can’t believe it’s already April. Yesterday We had a semi-traditional Easter Dinner. I also wanted to celebrate spring, so instead of heavy mashed potatoes,  I made Potato Salad. My husband wanted Macaroni salad so I made that as well. Here is my menu. Baked Ham Potato Salad […]

  • Focus…Oh look SHINY #focus #schedules #distraction

      In lieu of so much a writer has to do, it is so easy to get distracted. Not only do we have to write a story, research for it, rewrite, self-edit, edit, search for venues, get a cover, find editors, beta readers, reviewers we have to have a strong social media platform. That means […]

  • Write What ya Know ~I May as Well Quit #MFRWauthor #badwritingadvice

    Write What ya Know ~I May as Well Quit #MFRWauthor  #badwritingadvice

      It is time for week 8 in the 52week MFRW 52weekblog challenge. This week’s topic is The Worst Writing Advice I have ever received.  This was really hard one for me. I had thought a while. I almost decided to say I couldn’t think of anything when I remembered this tidbit… Write only what […]

  • Cowboys and Bad boys~Oh Yeah! #MFRWauthor #blogchallenge #romance

      Welcome to week  19 of the 52-week MFRW blog hop challenge.  The topic for this week is What is our perfect Romance Hero. That is a real tough question for me as I don’t have a perfect one. My ideals change with my moods. This reflects in both my writing and reading material. I guess my […]

  • Let the Music Play~ Cathy Writes Romance #MFRWauthor #music

    Welcome to the MFRWauthor blog challenge week 7. This week our topic is  Music we write by. I wonder if I can count the flow of my fish tank, the hum of the refrigerator and the occasional cars that drive by. Maybe even all the kids screaming and dogs barking in the afternoon? I don’t have […]