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  • Cat’s Meow ~~Reviews that Purr~~Evan’s Luck by Jennah Scott

    Evan’s Luck by Jennah Scott April 26, 2016 Five Hearts Publishing     Spencer Quinn has an image to uphold. His family name means more than anything. It’s the reason the reason they’ve become the most successful stock contractor on the rodeo circuit. Fresh out of school, he’s ready to take over the family business. […]

  • Cat’s Meow ~~Reviews that Purr by Iyana Jenna~~#dark romance #taboo #review

    Hi, Y’all! Welcome to Cat’s Meow Reviews that Purr. I have slipped in an extra one this month for a good friend the lovely Iyana Jenna. Everyone send a warm welcome out to Iyana!  Be sure to check out her book,  Where the Heart belongs. April, hmm. Cathy asked me to write something about April. […]

  • Cat’s Meow ~~Winter Special~~Snowed In By Teodora Kostova

    Hi, Yall. Welcome to Cat’s Meow Reviews that Purr month of Snow special. I hope you enjoy the review and even find a book you want to read! Today’s guest is  Teodora Kostova. Title:  Snowed In Series: NA Author: Teodora Kostova Genre: Contemporary, Second Chances, Friends to Lovers Length:108 pages Publisher: Self-Published Nov 30 2015 […]