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Hi. Ya’ll this weeks guest is Fiona McGier discussing interacial romance, sharing a treat and a giveaway!

My name is Fiona McGier and I Write Interracial Romances.  Why?

When my husband finished my first werewolf romance, When a Wolf Howls.  I asked him what he thought of it.  He grinned, “Do you have a thing for dark-skinned men?” Fair question.  The heroine was an Irish-American with red hair, and the hero is Hispanic, with dark skin and long black hair.  After I assured my husband that his Scottish/Polish-American wife was happy with his Polish/American self, I thought about why I write what I do.

Male/female relationships fascinate me.  We’re raised to think that male and female are on opposite sides of a chasm, so it’s a miracle made possible by hormones, that in their teens they start to yell across that chasm at each other.  Some kids feel confused, if they don’t enjoy doing what our society tells them people of their sex should do–some don’t care. Saoirse, my red-haired heroine, was taught by her six brothers, to fight, at an early age.  Her bestie is a Black gay man, who she first defended when she bloodied the nose of the boy in their 4th grade class who called him names. Their platonic friendship crosses the chasm differently.

Just as M/M romances have the extra conflict of not being accepted by everyone, making the lovers have to unite against their detractors, so too, do my characters when they fall in love with someone of a different race.  One character might  be white, if his/her beloved is Black, or Hispanic, or some other non-white nationality.  Sometimes I have those differences as a part of the plot–usually it’s not that big of a deal for the lovers–but they do talk about it. Male/female opposites are enhanced by light/dark skins, and different cultures.  All of this  helps to make the romance more interesting for me–hopefully for my readers as well.

There are two books so far, in my Northwest Maine Academy books about the werewolf pack that runs a private high school for students whose parents suspect they might have a wolf about to wake up inside of them.

When a Wolf Howls has two romances, WW/HM, and BM/BM.

Worth the Wait continues those two romances, and adds two more, both BW/WM. My editor called it a saga, because there are so many romances. Hey, more romances means more opportunities for steamy scenes, right?

Here’s a family favorite for Halloween:

Candy Spiders

-2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

-1 cup crispy rice cereal

-1/2 cup sweetened shredded coconut

-thin chow mein noodles

Melt the chocolate chips, then add the cereal and the coconut. Acting quickly, drop by TBsp onto waxed paper on a cookie sheet. Using chow mein noodles, add 2-3 “legs” on each side. You can add candy eyes, to get fancy–I’ve used a tube of green frosting in the past.

Chill in freezer until set–will keep in freezer for quite a while, if you can forget they’re there!

Publisher: Extasy Books

Cover artist: Martine Jardin

Pages: About 300 pages for each book.

Paranormal romances, rated 4 of 5 for steamy scenes infused with love.

Blurb for When a Wolf Howls:

Saoirse’s  an unemployed scientist, whose bestie since childhood, talks her into applying to be a teacher at a small, private High School Academy in rural Maine. Diego’s the principal–and a werewolf. Students are sent here so if a wolf is living inside of them, it will present itself in a safe environment. It doesn’t take long for her to realize something’s different about the sexy boss she’s trying to keep her hands off of; but his wolf has decided she’s their mate. While he’s agonizing over how to break the news to her, she figures things out and freaks out–then the scientist in her gets intrigued.  When the elderly pack leader dies, he names Diego as his successor.  But there’s a challenger who thinks he can do a better job. Unfortunately, wolf pack leader challenges are to the death.

Blurb for Worth the Wait:

The Northwest Maine Academy is run by and for wolf-shifters. This saga continues the two romances from the first book, adding two new ones. Diego, the new pack leader, and Saoirse are expecting their first child. Her bestie Freddie, thrilled when John moves in with him, fears it won’t last.  Grant’s wolf said the black she-wolf he saw at the academy is their mate–but she carries baggage that impedes their romance. Nathan yearns for a love that will last, but when his wolf mates with a female shifter’s wolf, she has no memory of it the next morning. For all of these lovers, will it be worth the wait?

This book has only been out for a few weeks, so it might be at more sources now.

When a Wolf Howls.

Excerpt set-up: Diego and Saoirse go for a run in the woods on the compound. They stop to rest, He tells her he’s happy with her as a teacher, and asks if she’s happy living there. She still has no idea that he’s a werewolf.

     Diego asked another question.  “How do you feel, personally, about living here?  Are you adapting okay to the silence and the isolation?”

     She grinned. “I don’t get much silence when I’m in class with the kids.  They’re noisy all of the time.  I wish I could bottle their energy…I could make a fortune selling it!  So when I do get time off, I enjoy not having to interact with anyone, unless I want to.  I mean the meals are communal, but I usually enjoy that.”

     “You can always ask for something to be sent up to your room, if you don’t feel like talking to anyone.  That’s why you have a dining area in your suite.”

     “Thanks.  That’s good to know, if I ever feel like eating by myself.  I have a lot of solo hobbies, like reading, and I like to do yoga in my room.  Plus now that I have access to some art supplies, I’ve been doing some painting again, which I haven’t been able to do for years.  So yeah, I’ve been enjoying living here.”

     “I know we don’t have much in the way of night life.  There aren’t any clubs for attractive young women like you to go partying the night away.  The closest town is Bingham, and they roll their sidewalks up after dinner and turn out the lights.”

     “I never did get much into clubbing.  I mean I went with Freddie and Jorge when I was living with them, since their friends were all into that.  But it’s not really my scene.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like to dance and party, but not as much as I did when I was in my younger, more rebellious days.  Ten years ago, I’d have thought this place was too remote.  Now I like the peace and quiet.”

     He was sitting right in front of her, and she saw a quick upward curve of his lips as he heard her answer.  He looked away for a moment, and she sensed a hesitation on his part.

     “Is there anything else you want to ask me?”

     He was silent for just a heartbeat, then he turned to her and looked into her eyes.

     “Would it be all right with you if I kiss you?”

     She returned his gaze. “I wish you would.”

     He leaned closer and she closed her eyes as their lips met.

     She was surprised by the tingle that she felt from that tiny connection with him.  It was like an electric jolt that traveled down her throat and made her nipples tighten with excitement.  It traveled lower, warming her abdomen, to zero in on her clit, newly alive and throbbing. With a low moan, she leaned forward into the kiss, wanting more.

                                                       * * * *

     Diego was fighting a battle for control, with his wolf.  It was fully awake and making demands in a language that only he understood.

      Take her now!  She belongs to us!

     No!  She’s not pack.  She doesn’t know what that would mean.

     No matter. She will learn. She will be pack.

     Not yet!

     Hear her? Smell her? She wants.  Take her!


     They were startled by the sudden noise of branches being trampled nearby, and a growling sound.

     Diego pulled back from the kiss to turn his head in the direction of the sound and inhale deeply. Instantly he reached out and covered her mouth with his hand. He shook his head, silently asking her to not make a sound.

     A mama Black Bear with two cubs emerged from the brush only a few feet away from them. The family lumbered by them, heading for the stream. Once she was downwind from them, she turned and saw them.  She regarded them gravely, growling a warning to her cubs as she took a step nearer to the invaders.

     Diego made a low growling sound in his throat, and the bear stopped.  She turned back to the cubs and headed up the stream, herding them along with her, to quickly put distance between them and the humans.


Copyright 2020, Fiona McGier

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