Do You Believe in Ghosts

This week’s guest is Sheila Stewart here to share a true tale of ghosts and how it fits into her new Passion series. Hello Sheila!

Alone in a house, you hear a creak behind you. You spin around, but there’s nothing there.  The hairs on your arm suddenly stand straight up, and a chill fills the air.  Out of the corner of your eye, you see a dark shadow as it darts just out of view. Your heart speeds up, and your first instinct is to run. You turn, ready to bolt and there, right in front of you is a woman, wearing a long blue dress, white apron, her brown hair pulled back with a kerchief holding it in place. You blink, and she’s gone.  Did you just see a ghost?

This is the fuel for Discovery in Passion.

Many years ago, I lived in a haunted house. Yes, you read that correctly. The farmhouse I lived in was inhabited by a middle-aged woman who refused to give up her property. She wasn’t mean and didn’t try to get us to leave. Instead, she went about her usual business alone with helping out when she could.  I was 8 when this house burnt to the ground one spring day. While my sister and I sat in the barn, away from the fire, the mysterious ghost woman stood with us, ensuring all would be fine.

This ghostly woman stayed in my mind for many years, and when the idea popped into my head to create a story about a haunted house, I thought, what better person to use than that woman. Though in Discovery in Passion three ghosts are inhabiting the house, the female spirit is mirrored from that ghostly woman who stood with me while my house burnt to the ground, reassuring me everything would be all right.

I wrote the character of Cassie Evans with the looks and body of Marilyn Monroe, who uses her assets to get what she wants, but beneath the blonde hair lies a brilliant brain. All my life I was called a dumb blonde (One of the reasons I dyed my hair red). When I created Cassie, I wanted to show that blondes with killer bodies could be smart, and I think I pulled it off perfectly. She’s well aware of her assets and isn’t afraid to use them, but she also lets people know she’s smart. She came to Passion to start a new life which she plans on doing with her Trinket shop.  When she spots hunky next-door neighbour, Thomas Healy, she is determined to get him one way or another.

I put a lot on Cassie. I sent her to a small town where she didn’t know a soul. Then I put her in a house that was haunted and stuck her in the middle of a murder mystery that nearly takes her life.  But Cassie is a strong woman, and she’s more than ready to handle everything that’s thrown at her.

While writing Discovery in Passion, a character named Victor Davis came onto the scene as the hero, Thomas Healy’s, best friend, there to help solve the mystery of the ghostly murdered victims. Victor was such a strong character that he demanded his story told. Arriving in Passion to help his friend, Victor has a secret he is desperately trying to keep hidden.  Thus, Escape in Passion was born.

After solving the mystery in Discovery in Passion, Victor stays in the town of Passion and takes over as Chief of Police. He’s still keeping a secret, a past he’s run from and is determined to keep it buried.  I loved writing the Character of Victor Davis. He is so damn sexy it’s sinful, and he knows it.  It was fun stepping into the mind of a sexy hero who loves to flirt and always has a snappy comeback for everything. I loved writing the character of Julia Wilson. I wanted Victor to get a taste of his own medicine when it came to sexual prowess, and Julia is the perfect woman for the job. There is one scene with Julia under Victor’s desk performing a sexual act that had me giggling as I wrote it. I have been called, on more than one occasion, a tease. So writing this scene, I put all that inner tease to use.  Escape in Passion is a lot more erotic than Discovery in Passion.

I love to add humour into my stories, even the darker ones, simply to lighten the mood a little. I went full force in Escape and have been told by plenty of fans just how much they enjoyed my humor. I especially loved exploring the male friendship in this story. The relationship between Vic and Tom is that of two brothers. They grew up together, and though they are polar opposites, they get along great. Thomas is the serious one of the two and always has a plan or ready to give out advice. Though the two are the same age, Thomas acts like the older brother. And when Thomas finds out that Victor is having sex with a woman ten years his junior, he is quick with the advice. The banter between these two was a joy to write, and I must say, out of all my male characters, these two are my favourites. But I wasn’t done yet. There was one more story begging to be told, and that is the children of the characters in the first two books. But you’ll have to wait for that one.

So now you know how the Passion series began.

 Discovery in Passion


 Wanting to start fresh, Cassie Evans relocates to the small town of Passion where she moves into the home of her dreams, complete with a dreamy next-door neighbour, artist, and handyman Thomas Healy. The only problem is, the house she bought just might be haunted.
 Thomas Healy lives a life of solitude, and that suits him just fine. Then Cassie Evans moves in next door and begins to turn his peaceful life upside down. He tries to ignore her, but ignoring a woman as beautiful as Cassie isn’t so easy, especially when she shows up at your door, naked, begging for you to paint her. Thomas’ first mistake was to agree to it, his second was to take Cassie to bed, now she’s all he can think about.
 When their blossoming love is overshadowed by a ghostly haunting, the curious Cassie launches an investigation into the life and death of her home’s previous owner, uncovering a mystery and attracting the attention of a killer. Where will Cassie’s discovery lead her? To the love of her life or to death itself?

Escape in Passion:


 Victor Davis is a man trying to escape the tragedy of his past. Several months ago, a bullet that meant for him killed his girlfriend by mistake. Now struggling to move on, Victor’s taken over as the chief of police of Passion. Vic knows everyone in Passion, so naturally, he can’t help but notice when beautiful stranger, Julia Wilson moves into the small town.
 Mysterious and alluring, Julia came to Passion with one thing on her mind, avenging the death of her sister. Desperate to find the truth, and keeping her true identity a secret, Julia enters into an affair with the one man she thinks might be able to give her answers—Victor Davis.
 Lust and love run rampant when Victor and Julia enter into a torrid romance. But Julia’s deception turns dangerous, and secrets from Victor’s past soon threaten their fragile relationship. Murder, kidnapping, and an escape that you’ll never forget.

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