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Dang! It seems like it has been a hot summer. I only live in southern Missouri where I usually call it mild and since July never got over 100 I guess I should be thankful. My next gues Brittany Boykin wasn’t so lucky. Let’s Join Brittany to see how her summer is in Texas and all about her latest book Love Me, Lust Me Not (It sounds so good I already stuck it on my TBR pile)

Hello Brittany How is your summer going so far?

Brittany: GUYS! SUMMER IN TEXAS IS SO HOT! Sometimes it is so hot that when you open your door and step outside the heat will take your breath away. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE living in Texas, and I am not by any means complaining. I just want to paint the picture for any of you who have not endured a Texas Summer. It starts to be 100+ degrees by June 1 and doesn’t end until at least September 1. It hardly ever rains during the summer – it’s just straight hot heat. So, what does that mean for us and our plans? Either live in the water or get the hell out of here and go up north!

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So, what’s on our bucket list this summer? The lake, the beach, the lake again, the pool, the water park, anywhere with water. We pretty much stay in the water all summer long. We fish, we swim, we boat, we play, we fish some more, we grill and jump in the lake every 5 minutes while we wait for the food to cook. It’s really a great life, but it’s also a necessary thing or you will die in this heat. My kids want to play outside. Sure, but make sure you turn the sprinkler on and run through it every 10 minutes or so! Don’t worry we wear sunscreen and come out of this bad boy with some nicely tanned skin.

We also always go up North at least once during the summer. This year we plan to take my history loving kiddos to Washington DC. The tickets have been booked since before Christmas, so fingers crossed COVID doesn’t ruin that plan for us. My mom lives about an hour from DC, so we will spend a few days with her too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still hot up there, but it ain’t take your breath away hot like it is down here in Texas. We will at least survive up North. Don’t ask me to go up there during the winter, though. We live in Texas for a reason, and that is to avoid that terrible white fluffy stuff that is so cold! I’ll take my Texas heat any day over that awful stuff!

Summer is a good time for me to get my favorite book out, or get a new one, and read by the pool or lake. Of course, I have to jump in the water every 10 minutes, or I will shrivel up from the rays of the sun beating down. What’s your favorite summer read?

Title:  Love Me, Lust Me Not

Author: Brittany Boykin

Genre/heat rating: Romance – Rated R

Hello, I’m Beverly, owner and partner of Off-the-Wall-Marketing based in Manhattan. I have never been one for love because I have my heart set on the one guy I can’t have: Davis Jones.

When my dream man suddenly becomes available, I find myself caught in a potential love triangle. His crazy, almost ex-wife puts us through some psychotic stunts and tries to make her way back into Davis’ arms. Am I also falling for one of my best friends? In the middle of my trying love life, I find out some heart wrenching news about my business partner. My life is literally falling apart at the seams. What am I supposed to do?

Enjoy this must-read romance novel based in the heart of New York City as you walk with Beverly through a whirlwind of emotions. It’s amazingly intriguing and full to the brim with tons of drama, sex, and betrayal. Who does she fall for? Is it love? Is it lust? What about her crazy business partner? Is he going to ruin her life and their business all at once? Her best friend Sheila is a hoot and a half as well, but can she keep her nose out of Bev’s love life? So many unanswered questions! So little time!


“Good Morning,” I say shyly as I press floor twenty-five.

“Good Morning, Bev,” Davis says as he reaches across me to press floor thirty-two.

I don’t know what angel died and fell from Heaven, but my heart sings every single time I see this dark, handsome, Armani suited, green-eyed, married hunk. Yes, sadly, he’s married, so untouchable. A girl can dream, though, right?

It takes everything in me not to inhale the delicious fragrance of Davis’ expensive cologne as the elevator starts to move. Oh my gosh, he knows my freaking name! WAIT! Did he just say my nickname? Davis is the only man on this Earth who can bring my giddy, little girl, high school thoughts back into play just by standing by my side. And, oh, what he would look like naked! I stand there, awkwardly, face flushed, as we wait for the elevator to reach my destination.

     Praying my knees hold me up right just a little longer, the elevator bell finally dings at my floor. “See you, Davis,” I mutter shakily as I step out of the elevator into the bright reception area.

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Meet Brittany Boykin

Brittany Boykin is a down home Texas gal, born and raised! She loves to play with her 3 beautiful children and hang out with her amazing husband. She was born in Waco, Texas and grew up in Dallas most of her life. She moved back to Waco eventually and ended up graduating high school from Bruceville-Eddy. She is currently attending college to get her Bachelor’s in Accounting. Brittany has always loved business and has been in the business world most of her career. 

Brittany has many hobbies and her kids keep her busy. But when she is not busy doing kids activities, you can find her with a coffee and a book in her hand. Brittany has a newfound love for writing. She is a romance author and just published her first book. Follow her blog for excerpts from the book and to learn more about her day to day life! If you love a good romance novel, then order your copy today! Don’t forget to follow her on social media and subscribe to her newsletter for all of the latest updates!

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