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I am finally back for week 30 MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge.
I have missed a few weeks. Life just seems to get crazier and crazier. This week’s topic is: Chocolate milk: dark or light?

I am not sure f this means Chocolate milk or chocolate: Milk, dark , or light so Ill answer both ways. Yes Please! LOL

I am not a milk fan and it is good for calcium and at my age I need all the calcium I can get. I do love chocolate milk but I guess on the dark or light I will say medium. I prefer the powder to the syrup and too much of either makes it taste funny and too little yuck it taste like milk! So I am the red- headed Goldilocks and need it just right so medium please!

No on the regular chocolate front… Milk, or dark I prefer dark chocolate but yes I like milk chocolate. I keep an assortment of Dark chocolate and almond kisses on my nightstand ( occasionally hugs and raspberry depending if hubby surprises me with a treat) and allow myself three or four a night there are only 22 calories per kiss (for most of them the caramel and nuts are a bit more ( 7 milk chocolate are 160 calories – 9 dark for 190 calories so you can easily adjust this for a snack around 100 calories a day LOL) . The Hershey mini bars are not too bad either.

I love just about anything chocolate… cake brownies, pie you name it but I love a good kiss… don’t you?

Let’s go see what the other authors choose!

1.Have your tastes changed over the years?2.Chocolate – milk, dark or light? #MFRWauthor
3.Whatever the kind, give me chocolate! #MFRWauthor4.Chocolate? Yes!

3 responses to “Do you like kisses #chocolate #makeminedark #MFRWauthor”

  1. Speaking with the expertise (?) of a person with Belgian blood in me — and everyone knows Belgians have chocolate in their veins! — I vote for milk chocolate.

  2. Love chocolate. I just wish a sugar free variety could be made that better approached the taste of chocolate with sugar. Even sugar free syrups don’t measure up, and I’m always astounded that Dunkin and other coffee shops don’t maintain sugar free chocolate syrups. They will have sugar free hazelnut and caramel, but not the most staple of staples– chocolate!

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