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This month I have asked the authors some questions you may all be interested in.  I asked Anna T.S. what was on her Summer TBR pile.

Anna T.S. Share Your Summer Reading List.

Anna T.S. : What’s On Your Keeper Shelf?

When the VCR was invented I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I now had an electronic keeper shelf. I filled single VHS tapes with hours and hours of favorite TV episodes, documentaries and movies. I could watch anytime I wished and as often as I wished. I was binge watching before the term was invented. My husband would ask, “Didn’t you just watch that fourteen times already?” “Yeah,” I’d answer. “And it’s just as good the fifteenth time around.” There’s nothing like experiencing a favorite scene, hearing a wonderfully written line or smiling as the good guys and gals win.

I’m the same way with books. My keeper shelf is full of reads that I go back to time and time again. I can’t wait to enjoy a thrill, relive a moment, savor a juicy passage that imprinted itself in my heart and mind years before. If I had twenty thousand words I might be able to share them all with you. Since I don’t, I’ll share the four that immediately come to mind.

First up: Beverly Jenkins’ Topaz set in Oklahoma Indian territory with a Black Seminole marshal hero paired with a crusading newspaper reporter being forced into marriage by the swindler she has vowed to expose. This was my first African-American historical romance and is still my favorite. My copy became so worn it fell apart.

Second: Michelle Reid’s Gold Ring of Betrayal. This old timey Harlequin Presents has it all: a scheming father-in-law, a lie keeping husband and wife apart and a child in jeopardy. A shut-in member from my church introduced me to this one. I believe it was the first Harlequin romance I ever read. Dorothea, I am forever in your debt.

Third: Mary Buckham’s The Makeover Mission. I’d didn’t know what romance tropes were when I first read this, but I now know why – besides Mary’s excellent writing – it’s one of my keepers: it combines my favorite suspense/thriller elements into one great story: kidnapping, assumed identity and the protector hero.

Last, and definitely not least: J.D. Robb’s Naked In Death. I have all the In Death stories, but if my house ever caught fire this is the one I’d save. I relive the gut punch of Roarke’s first glance on Eve Dallas as if he’d looked at me and I always sigh then smile when I come across a mention of the button. (You J.D. Robb fans know what I’m talking about.)

Nothing beats picking up one of these novels and losing myself once more in the skillfully crafted world their authors created. One day I hope a story of mine will earn a place on some reader’s keeper shelf. So tell me. What’s on yours?

Title: Haunted Serenade

Series – Haunted Harlem

Author: Anna M. Taylor

Publisher: Anna Taylor Sweringen

Cover artist: Dawne Dominique

Pages/File size: 614 KB

Genre/heat rating – PG

What is a ghost except a longing that will not die…or a love that has yet to be born?

 All the women in Anora Madison’s family have lived haunted by the curse of Poor Butterfly: women still longing for but deserted by the men they loved. Determined to be the first to escape a life of abandonment, Anora fled Harlem for Brooklyn, not only severing her ties with her mother Angela, but also ending her relationship with Winston Emerson, her lover and the father of her child. 

Six years later, Anora comes home to make peace, but an unseen evil manifests itself during the homecoming and targets both Winston and their little girl. 

With nowhere to run, Anora must confront the evil threatening to destroy her life. She vows to protect her daughter at all costs, but if that protection can only be found with Winston back in her life, how will Anora protect her heart?

Buy Links – https://amzn.to/3aXifyu

Meet Anna T.S.

 A native New Yorker, Anna M. Taylor is the women’s fiction and gothic romance pen name of Anna Taylor Sweringen, a retired United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Church USA minister. Anna has been writing seriously since joining Romance Writers of America in 2003. She also writes inspirational romance as Anna Taylor and erotic romance as Michal Scott.

You can Find (author) website: www.annamtaylor.webs.com

 Twitter – @mscottauthor1  @revannable 

FB – annamtaylorAuthor

Amazon Author Central – amazon.com/author/annamtaylor 

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    • I enjoyed your reviews, Anna, and hate to admit that I have not read one of the books you listed. I will try to read them this year, along with yours, since your summaries were very impressive. I love to hear about readers’ and writers’ favorites. Thanks. Delores

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