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I hope you have enjoyed this month’s May showers blog party. I have loved reading about all the authors and how they are coping with this pandemic and gotten some good recipes and tips. It isn’t over yet! we still have a week of fun left and our final guest is N.A. Moore. Check in tomorrow for the winners list.

N.A. : Quarantine has been difficult to deal with. Not only are we stuck in our homes going stir crazy but we are also battling this heavy weight of the unknown. It’s easy to sink into ourselves and let our fears run rampant. And I know that the anxiety has left me feeling drained or creatively blocked, but I tell myself that just because we have all this ‘time’ on our hands, I’m not expected to pop out as many books as I can.

Instead, I’ve been writing short scenes with different fantastical creatures using The Mythical Creatures Bible by Brenda Rosen as a reference. Most of the stories I write all start as one scene that plays over and over in my head. The scenes can be triggered by anything (music, shows, books, memes, etc.). There is no commitment to make them full blown stories, but it’s fun to create a bunch of characters and scenarios. And who knows, they might inspire a new novel in the future. So take a line from a song, a painting or drawing, a poem, etc. and create a short scene using your reference of choice. And if you want to make it a group event, you can play Build-A-Story. The rules are simple. Each person gets a piece of paper and a writing utensil. Everyone picks a reference of choice. With the timer set to ten minutes (or longer if you prefer), each person writes a scene using their reference. When the timer is up, each person passes their paper to the person next to them (clockwise or counterclockwise, your choice). Set the timer again for another ten minutes. Read what the previous writer wrote before continuing their story while trying to tie in your own reference. Repeat until you get your original paper back. Now you can all take turns reading the final stories that you all have produced.

Title: The Consorts

Author: N. A. Moore

Cover Designer: Nerrealz Art (Self- Nerrealz Art is my art business)

Publisher: Amazon

Genre/heat: Romance & High Fantasy/ 3 out 5 (heat scale)

Pages: 826


“For twenty-three years, these sheets have caressed the skin of my body alone. Never holding the entangled limbs of lovers or saccharine sweet kisses of a heat familiar to frenzied physical contact. This emptiness has held me firm in its embrace, soaking my bed with the loneliness that seeps from my dreams to my waking reality.

Soon…that will change.

For I am Prince Killian Innis, heir to the throne of Incubi, future ruler of Astoria, and today I will meet my Consorts.”

Innocent and naive Killian Innis has spent his entire life in isolation. Allowed only the company of a few loyal servants, the crown prince eagerly awaits his Consort Ceremony.

Twenty-five Incubi handpicked by the King will serve as his Potentials. Killian must choose five to be his lovers, his protectors, and his advisors. But within the palace lurks a demon, hidden behind suggestive smiles and compelling whispers, waiting to set Astoria aflame.

Killian must navigate through brutality, politics, family feuds, and broken hearts to thwart apocalyptic destruction…all while learning what it truly means to be King.

Buy Links: Available in Kindle Unlimited

(Kindle) https://www.amazon.com/Consorts-N-Moore-ebook/dp/B0813SV3YW/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3M3XTBFSNOCZF&dchild=1&keywords=the+consorts&qid=1589311228&sprefix=the+consorts%2Caps%2C143&sr=8-1

(Paperback) https://www.amazon.com/Consorts-N-Moore/dp/1706135599/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1589311228&sr=8-1

MY REVIEW: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3130672989?book_show_action=false&from_review_page=1

This is a new to me author and I rarely read books this long…but I was intrigued by the prospects of Incubus. It is rare to find a good Incubus or even mm vampire book that I usually jump at the chance.
I am glad I did. This book is unique, intriguing, full of interesting characters, a well-developed plot with lots of twists. 


Rem leaned close and pressed his forehead against Killian’s. There was little distance between them. Killian could feel Rem’s cool breath on his skin, flooding his nostrils with that same intoxicating scent that drew him to the male in the first place. Dangerously sweet.

“I am afraid. I do not want him to hurt you. I do not want to succumb to his love. I am him and he is me. But you must understand, Killian,” his lips were close, his scent saccharine. Killian’s eyes fluttered. “If I succumb to his love…if I let myself love you…”

And then he moved, his lips traveling along the prince’s jaw until they reached his ears. His voice a soft whisper.

“I will tear you apart.”

Killian gasped. His stomach clenched tight at his words. His breath came out in quick pants. There was a sudden change, but he wouldn’t let himself call it fear.

He did not fear Rem.

No matter how hard he tried to get him to.

“I am not afraid,” Killian told him.

Rem smiled and it was not a happy one.

“I can feel your heart racing,” he said.


“I can see your eyes dilate.”


“I can feel your body trembling.”


He pressed his lips to Killian’s in a kiss that rivaled every one he had ever given him.


N. A. Moore was born and raised in New Jersey. She began her creative journey early in life, reading whenever she could or filling up notebooks with fantastical stories. She started posting her stories online in 2008 on Wattpad where her M/M obsession began. Moore recently graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts – Rutgers University with a B.F.A. She works as an artist, selling her works under the name Nerrealz Art. She has an unhealthy obsession with coffee, anime, her dog, and The Sims.

Stalker Links:

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14833865.N_A_Moore

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/author_namoore

Facebook Page – https://m.facebook.com/AuthorN.A.Moore/?ref=bookmarks

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Coming Soon: The Dragon Tamer

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