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I hope you are enjoying this month’s May showers. I have loved reading about all the authors and how they are coping with this pandemic and gotten some good recipes and tips. It isn’t over yet! we still have a couple days of fun left and Today’s guest is D. V. Stone.

D.V.: Hi, Cathy. Thank you for having me over today. I’ve been self-isolating since March 18th after being furloughed from my full-time job. Since I suffer from several lung conditions, staying at home is probably saving my life. The only person allowed in my house is my dear husband Peter and he needs to leave his uniform outside and wash before saying hello.

So how do I deal with this isolation? First of all I’m a homebody anyway. That helped me right from the start. But even my dog Hali got tired of me pretty quickly. I have my writing, though for the first couple of weeks everything going on with the virus made it hard to concentrate. I’m back in the swing of it though. Reading and reviewing books is another thing that gives me purpose. Just a few lines about why I like a book can be so helpful to other authors. My old jewelry making kit came out of the closet. I like making earrings. Hali hasn’t been walked so much in her life. Oh, and I started an indoor window box garden.

The other thing I enjoy is cooking. In Rock House Grill Shay McDowell is tossed into the deep end of the pool. The executive chef had a medical emergency and she needed to step in. One of her go-to dishes is Tuna Sliders.


Tuna Steaks sprinkled with you favorite seasoning. (Even though it says Steak seasoning Montreal is my favorite.) I also use grape seed oil because of its ability to cook at higher temperatures. About three to four minutes on each side for pink in the middle. More or less to your taste.

Pick some nice buns like a brioche add a slice of avocado (or even a mango salsa), baby greens, and squirt of lime juice.

Add your Tuna Steak and bang! Enjoy.

Title                                     Rock House Grill

Series if applicable           Book One of the Impact Series

Author                                 D. V. Stone

Cover designer                  Tina Lynn Stout

Publisher                             Wild Rose Press

Genre/heat                        Contemporary Romance w/suspense Sweet

Pages                                  296

 Aden House, successful but driven chef and TV personality, refuses to slow down. His life implodes one night, damaging him both physically and emotionally. He’s rescued by a woman he thinks of as his angel. Shay McDowell has rebuilt her life after her divorce. She juggles volunteer EMT duties and her job, while dreaming of becoming a chef. She finds her way to Rock House Grill and back into the life of the man she helped save. Can love be the ingredient needed to survive the many obstacles they face?

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Excerpt/heat rating

This was what he’d been missing. Leading, teaching, and encouraging. He wheeled back into the kitchen. He inhaled the familiar smells. Of course, garlic and onions, but underneath there were hints of rosemary, thyme, and butter. Things like the vanilla and cinnamon from Margaret’s baking. All the things that made Rock House his.

Shay stood surrounded by the other cooks as they went over the preps. When she noticed Aden had returned, she wiped her hands on a towel and walked over to him. “Is Dereck all right?”

“He’s fine. Nervous, like you, but you’re both going to be great. So, let’s talk food.”

“I’m good with the regular menu.” She twisted the towel like she was wringing it out. “What about the specials?”

“We’ll run a limited menu.” Specials were important, but due to the circumstances, one night without them wouldn’t be a catastrophe. Since Shay was comfortable with the mainstays, he was happy to run a singular special menu. It would also help him to understand her as a chef. “What do you do well? Something you know you can pull out of your hat?”

“Tuna sliders, seafood bisque, Pecan-encrusted chicken with butternut risotto.”

She rattled off the list from appetizer to entree so quickly, she must have been thinking about it.

Her eyebrows drew down and she bit her lower lip before whispering, “I don’t do desserts.”

“No problem.” He stifled a smile. Most chefs didn’t, which is why kitchens hired pastry chefs. “Margaret always has the classic desserts ready the day before and a backup special just in case. Let’s get started.”


Hi, my name is D. V. Stone. Rock House Grill, a contemporary romance, became available for purchase on April 6th 2020 by Wild Rose Press. I host Welcome to the Campfire, a weekly blog. I am also a multi-genre author of two independently published books. Felice, Shield-Mates of Dar is a fantasy romance. Agent Sam Carter and the Mystery at Branch Lake is a mid-grade paranormal. Here’s a little more about me.

Born in Brooklyn, D.V. Stone has moved around a bit and even lived for a time on a dairy farm in Minnesota before moving back east. Throughout her wandering, she always considered herself a Jersey Girl. She met and married the love of her life, Pete—a lifelong Jersey Man, and moved this time to Sussex County.  They live with Hali, a mixed breed from the local shelter and their cat Baby.

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Coming soon      Jazz House Impact Book 2 is a work in progress.

Now for the prizes! D..V. is offering a copy of Rock House grill and a cute Rock House Grill book Bag to one lucky winner. There are two Grand prizes and several individual ones. good luck! Be sure to comment if you like M/F. MM or if it matters as we have all sorts of books in the giveaway.

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