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Welcome back to the 52 week MFRWbloghop challenge. It is week 22 The topic is: “How Do You Get Your News?

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Do you remember when you were in school or church and you all lined up the teacher or leader would whisper in player one’s ear then down the line it goes? the last person tells the “secret” which never is the same and rarely close to the original secret.

Well that is how I get my news. Basically from a friend or on Facebook. When the pandemic first started we watched CBSN news but it got so repetitive that we just stopped.

I totally dislike the news. It is so depressing. I have a weather app to keep me informed of the weather. I check special apps on Facebook for community news and that’s that.

How do you get your news? Let’s go see how the other authors get theirs.

1.News? What news? #MFRWauthor2.Not Like I Used To

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