The party continues #Giveaway #lotsofprize #fun

I hope you are enjoying this month’s May showers. I have loved reading about all the authors and how they are coping with this pandemic and gotten some good recipes and tips. It isn’t over yet! we still have a week of fun left.

I’ve been enjoying the nice days and rain too. It has really helped get my garden going.

I planted some plants a friend gave me to spruce up a barren ugly corner that became a catch all. Now it has Castor Beans and yucca. I have a red honeysuckle and will soon have a moonflower. by the back gate as well.

Yesterday my grandson and I weeded and made a pretty flower bed by the front porch. He didn’t like weeding but enjoyed planting some flowers and decorating with knickknacks.

Today I am picking some cherries before the birds eat them all and hope this week I manage enough for some jelly.

If you are feeling cooped up and getting depressed, go outside for a bit even if its to sit on your porch. Maybe plant a flower in a pot to enjoy. The fresh air and sun can help with the depression from being cooped up.

Now for the prizes! I am offering a personalized book bag to the grand prize winner. There are two grand prizes packages and lots of individual so tons of chances to win. There is just a few days left so hurry and enter! ( you can comment every day for an entry)

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    • After my back surgery and I started falling and having siezures I rarely got out and went into deep depression. My dr put me on vitamin d and suggested if nothing else sitting outside reading or crocheting ( he knew I did that as I always carried a project along) just watching the cars, squirrels, the sounds and air an hour a day improved my mood a lot. Now I try to do little yard projects again. Thank you about my yard. My grandson and I worked hard.

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