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Welcome to the MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge Week 20: This week’s topic is how (what) does your garden grow, and why? I am a homebody, retired on disability so this lockdown hasn’t affected me a lot. However, with the rainy, cold winter I to like most of you are ready to get out of the house. I et a little spring fever and that means planting my garden. As we do remodeling and changing stuff it means where my garden goes changes as well. Now that I have a lot of fruit trees out front there is too much shade there to grow veggies. so there I have those, a shade garden that needs a new swing or figure out how to make new seats as these are very mildewy and so old that they are not detachable. There is a row of tiger Lillies along the front of the privacy fence that separates the front of the house to my side yard.

On this side is my garden shed, I had a greenhouse but the winds destroyed it now hubby has his wood-burning stove there. Then it leads to my patio outside my side or back door. It has an awning and I am making it my outdoor sitting room. I am hoping for a few days of no rain since I need to take everything off, powerwash it then rearrange. I have potted petunias to hang from the rafters with my hummingbird feeders, which already have hummingbirds. My friend has given me a few new plants to add such as a red honeysuckle to spruce up a baren corner. then my little backyard is just a mere slab of concrete that used to be the old patio and porch before we added the craft room. I have a potting table there. As you walk around there is the major part of my yard. I have a rose garden that had grown up but this year I found a few of the bushes have rebloomed. I have spent two days cleaning it up planting cannas all around my gazebo, wisteria on my entry arch there. I am cleaning out the gazebo and will have another nice sitting place.

There is a picket fence that separates my yard and the neighbors and I have a mixed flower bed there. With three rose bushes, House leaks, Lillys, and a few other flowers. I am seeding sunflowers for a patch and My friend is giving me four-o-clocks. I am redoing my front porch as well and I have some elephant ears, gladiolas and I think four o clocks there as well. Right now the Poke Salad has taken over. I hope to find someone that wants it before I trash it. It is food after all.

I do have a veggie garden and in it, I have tomatoes: A black one, a yellow one, a couple of red ones, Cherry tomatoes, and yellow cherry tomatoes. I love to just sit and snack on these and one pint pays for the plant. They are so expensive and don’t taste so good. I love green tomatoes as well. Nothing like good ole fried green tomatoes! I planted a roma this time for making sauces and canning. I have the jars. I have cucumbers, squash, zucchini, eggplant, and some snap peas, bell peppers, and jalapenos. I stuck with planting things I buy a lot.

Gardens aren’t cheap to start. Each plant costs about 4 dollars but the first batch of each one pays for it and you get several batches from each plant so after the first picking is all profit and saving money I would be paying for mediocre store-bought veggies. I have found ways to freeze most of these things and I’ll have nice, fresh veggies all winter and my own spaghetti and pizza sauce. From what I hear, food will be getting scarcer and more expensive.

So this is what I grow in my garden. What do you grow in yours? Lets go see what the other authors grow!

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