Do blondes Really Have More Fun? #MFRWauthor #doescolormatter #Giveaway

Join us for the weekly MFRW 52-week blog challenge. Each week several romance authors join together to discuss a specific topic. Week 19’s topic: Your characters: do blondes really have more fun?

I thought this was a fun question. We have always heard this statement that Blondes have more fun (or my generation has). But what really does hair color have to do with having fun? In my opinion how much fun you have is in your personality and outlook on life.

The question though is your characters. I am going to admit that I am not one attracted to blondes, so the blonde hair blue eye stereotype for me is just that. A stereotype and I try to avoid that. (listen to me that has all the girl next door types as her female MCs,) LOL. I have always loved a tall, big built dark haired and complexion man. Even when I notice women it is usually a more average brunette but i think red headed women are just gorgeous so I tend to notice when I first started writing that my females were red headed and green eyed my man dark with deep brown eyes so I have to work hard on my characters and look in my character bibles so I don’t get to repetitive. Developing characters is far from easy, especially once you get a lot of stories going. You don’t want to bore your readers or make them think you are a one trick pony.

In answer to the question… my characters: do blondes have more fun? Nope. Because in my books all my characters, be they blonde, brunette, redheaded, kinky curls or blue mohawks all have fun in the end. Now I need to get on it and get a book published by year end so you can see for yourself. Hang in there with me. (follow this blog and my readers group(see sidebar) for teasers and to keep up with release dates coming soon I hope)

Now let’s go see what the other authors think.

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2 responses to “Do blondes Really Have More Fun? #MFRWauthor #doescolormatter #Giveaway”

  1. I skipped this week’s topic because I’m trying to get a book out too. Good luck with yours, Cathy. About three of my heroines have red hair, or many four. A couple are blonde. Some are brunette, one is more ebony, but like your characters, mine all have fun too. Being a blonde, or a full blonde before the pandemic, I’m always asked if blondes have more fun. It’s better than being asked if Mary really has a little lamb.

    • Family problem intruded so who knows when I’ll ever get to write. It’s almost impossible with a baby around at my age and health lol.

      I get the Chatty Cathy stuff lol

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