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I know April Showers brings May flowers is the proper statement but this month me and several author friends are going to shower you with fun tips to make the best of this Corona Virus Pandemic, crafts and or recipes plus there is a big giveaway at the end so read on and enter! This week’s Guest is Piper Forrest with a cool root beer recipe and her newest releases.  Hi Piper!

Piper: My grandmother’s cookbook is my favorite tool in the kitchen. You see, her family was Amish.

Exploring, I’ve found my ancestors and feel a strong pull to their way of life. That is why I write Amish Romance novels.

In this post, I share with you a special recipe I fondly remember making with Gramma when I was a child. In these strange times with a rampant virus and everyone staying close to home, I offer you a recipe from Gramma’s cookbook.  Maybe you can create the same feelings of awe with your children or grandchildren that I felt with this old-time recipe for Root Beer.


  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 1 gallon lukewarm water
  • 4 teaspoons root beer extract
  • 1 teaspoon dry yeast

Use some hot water to dissolve the sugar. Mix all ingredients together. Put in jars and cover.  Move the jars to a sunny spot for 4 hours.

Chill overnight, and the root beer will be ready to serve the next day.

Hubby and I live in a small town in eastern Wyoming, about 100 miles north of Cheyenne. Our village is around 1200 people in size. No school or churches are in session. We have one grocery store where we stand apart and motion hugs. We have been fortunate not to have even one case of the deadly virus in our community. My heart goes out to you in various parts of the country that are suffering from illness and loss.

My children and grandchildren live in other states, and we don’t see them often, but texting helps keep me in their lives. I am crocheting each person in my family a facemask with a sewn-in pocket where you can slide in folded coffee filters or paper towels. This keeps me busy when I need a break from writing. I write Amish romance. It feels so natural to me with my ancestry bolstering me.

Hopefully, you can find the items listed in the recipe to try out. It’s delicious and fun to make.

Piper Forrest

Title  In Plain Sight


Author Piper Forrest and Lily Simmons

Cover designer Bev Haynes         

Publisher  Bev Haynes

Genre/heat Sweet Romance

Pages  132

Blurb  I’m Carly Laine, and do I ever need a rest. I’m a private detective, and my last case was heart-wrenching, so where better to go than to an Amish Bed and Breakfast? Little did I know I’d be neck-deep in kidnapping and murder.

 I am Ruby Troyer. My son Matthew and I own a large Amish Farm Stay, the Englisch call a Bed and Breakfast, but ours comes with a farm tour and buggy rides. Our border, Carly Laine is a trained detective, here to take a good rest. Instead, the poor dear helps in our kitchens, providing meals for the men searching for our missing girls. For sure and for certain, Carly hasn’t had much rest. She and I become fast friends, but she drags me, a quiet Amish woman, along with her in search of the truth. One we never saw coming.

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Piper Forrest and Lily Simmons

began co-authoring an Amish Romance series in 2018.

Best friends, both published authors, used Google Docs to write books together since they live thousands of miles apart.

“Piper” lives in Wyoming while “Lily” is in Florida.

They have enjoyed every minute creating this series

for you, and we hope you enjoy our books.

You can Follow Piper and Lily:

Twitter @piperlily2
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Now time for the giveaway! Piper and Lily are offering an ebook of Amish Heritage to one lucky winner and this week May 7-12 In Plain Sight is Free for all. There are two grand prizes and lots of individual ones!

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