Down but not out #asthma #allergies #Giveaway

I know I missed the last few weeks. Things have just been crazy. I’ve been down with asthma attacks and every-time I go out to work in the yard or out at all I have an attack. It has been all I can do to sit up for an hour or two to get any work at all done.

I’ve been busy organizing the big rafflecopter party and gathering great prizes for all you guys! Lots of chances to win so read on and enter!

I having been cooking a lot but have done a bit of grilling when I did venture up to make a meal. Hubby has been making Canned chili or chili dogs, frozen pizza or Hamburger helper. One night we did grill Bratwurst and they were so good. Saturday we grilled sirloin steaks and I made the best Broccoli Salad.

Chop a head of fresh broccoli, A medium red onion, and 4 slices of crispy cooked bacon. Add a tablespoon of Mayo, A Tablespoon of Ranch, Teaspoon of salt, teaspoon, garlic powder, a teaspoon of onion powder, a teaspoon of sugar. Adjust seasonings to your taste and add more or less Mayo or ranch if you like it less dry. Even my grandson ate two helpings.

Do you seem to want more veggies when spring approaches? Whats one of your favorite veggie sides?

Now for the prizes: There are two grand prizes. #1: a total of $45 in gift cards, a paperback book, eBooks (both mm and M/F), and a personalized book bag. Grand prize #2 (for dark M/M romance lovers only) The entire Don’t Audiobook Collection by Jack L. Pyke and lots of individual giveaways. Be sure to comment if you have a preference on MM only or M/f only or you may get something you don’t like.

I am offering a personalized book bag . You can have your name or monogram on the flip side.

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    • YOu can actually make smaller portions and it is good for a day or two too. ( if going to make to refrigerate though keep the bacon out and just stir in what you want before serving to keep it crisp.) am going to get some more fresh broccoli to make me a batch to snack on as soon as I find someone going to the grocery store (it is good wih ham as well or no meat if you are vegetarian) finely chopped sweet pepper is good in it too.

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