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Welcome to this week’s Marketing For Romance Authors 52-week blog challenge this is week 18 and the topic is City living or country? I almost missed this week as I have been in bed most of the week (no don’t worry it is not Covid). When I saw the topic I just had to get up and do a quick post plus I have a surprise announcement at the end so read on!

I am country girl through and through but if you follow me at all (points to the links on side bar hint hint) you already know this. LOL I live in a small rural town in the bootheel of Missouri. It use to have a big farming community and we do still have a few small farms. Mostly corn, some wheat and soybeans. a few Cotton fields remain. Country life is simple. It’s generally quite with less violence ( don’t get me wrong we do have it, just a couple weeks ago had gunshots in our alley). Our homes are not mostly townhouses or apartments but single family homes with large or average yards. You can let your dogs out or sit in the patio and grill. You can walk down the street and look at flowers and trees everywhere. The spring is full of blooms and sweet smells. the early evening in summer you smell charcoal and lighter fluid or burgers sizzling on the grill. sometimes the scent of fried pork chops or chicken wafts through the air. Birds chirp, bees and wasp buzz around, dogs bark in the distance. Kids squeal and play out in the yards. What more could you want?

Now I don’t live in the country country, but a small town. I would love to live out in the country on a farm where I had my own animals and you see that in my stories. Most are based on towns near where I live or have visited. Most of my books are small town, or country romance. They say write what you know, while I don’t fully believe that or I wouldn’t have much to write about, I think I can do a nice country setting much better than a big city one since I never lived there. Don’t get me wrong I have been to St. Louis and Chicago and loved it. It was exciting but…I wouldn’t want to live there. You can take the girl out of the country but ya can’t take the country out of the girl!

What about you? Do you prefer country or city life? This is the 52-week blog hop so let’s go see what the other author prefers.

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BUT Don’t go away just yet! Starting today I am doing a huge blog event this month. Every day but Monday and Friday I have a new guest and each has a giveaway. There are also two grand prizes plus all the individual giveaways! I am offering a personalized book bag in the grand prize. This is the one I did last time. Isn’t it pretty?

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8 responses to “Country all the Way #MFRWauthor #countryorcity #giveaway”

  1. I’ve never lived in what people usually call country, i.e. rural areas or small towns. It’s either been cities or Great White North wilderness with nothing ‘rural’ about it. While younger, I found emptiness with bears scratching at the door (that really happened) exhilarating. At this stage of my life, I’m a city guy. But not too big a city. I visited LA last year. Yuck. No way!

  2. I agree with Cathy, Ed, scary and exciting to have bears that close! But maybe, just so the bears themselves aren’t too frightened with ME, I’d choose a small town rather than the wilderness. 😉

    Cathy, I’m with you in small towns. They’re the best!

    • Yeah no four legged bears for me.. and I couldn’t image the loudness and smell of exhaust all the time in the city…though sometimes it might be better than the neighbors and their smoking at a bbq. Lol I dread when then less than 10 bam is lifted lol

  3. I’ve never lived inside a big city, but as a child I lived close enough to look out my bedroom window to see Detroit’s city lights and the red flashing light atop what is known as the Fisher Building. My choice is country also with an occasional stay in the city. Your neighborhood sounds relaxing even with the surrounding noise you described.

    • I think small-town life is pretty nice… maybe the best of both worlds, though my grandpa lived on a farm and I went there a lot and always dreamed of marrying a cowboy and living on a farm. That is the inspiration for two of my books if I ever get them done LOL

  4. I have lived in the country, small cities, and small towns. The country is the best, unless the roads are composed of sugar sand and you must drive to work every day. I always loved the wildflowers out on country lanes and in the fields. Have a great celebration!

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