All the Places Inbetween #MFRWauthor #cars

Week 13 – MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge Participants #MFRWAuthor

It is time for our weekly MFRW 52-week blog challenge. this week our topic is Your destination is within 1500 miles and time is okay. Fly or drive?

Since I live in the midsouth this gives me lots of leeway. Florida is 1,171 Miles. California is 1,515 So I could go to either coast. Pennsylvania is 1306 and Georgia is 1,037. These are places in the states I would like to visit. Being a sneaky little cat, I choose driving so we could stop a few places along the way. If we had a camper we could stay for a few days and enjoy ourselves.

So my choice is…

Where would you go and would you drive or fly?

Let’s go see what the other authors say?

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  1. Darn it all, I wrote my post early and completely forgot to add it to Linkylinks! But in the post, I agreed with you! Drive and see the country!

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