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This week’s guest is Janet Lane Walters giving us a little tour of Dublin and her new book Lines of Fyre Challenged. Hello Janet.

Hi Cathy, Thanks for inviting me over to share my book and story about Ireland.

               I have an Irish heritage among many things. I am Irish but not a green wearer. St. Patrick’s Day always brings two things to mind. The first was the day I wore an orange jumper to my classes at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh on St. Patrick’s Day. Did I create a scene? Yes, but one that was fun. The basketball team was in my lit class and invited me to have coffee with them. But the fondest memory was a trip about 35 years ago to Ireland. A friend and I cast horoscopes for friends and earned the money for the trip to visit her stepmother. My first impression was all the shades of green we saw as we toured the island. Ten days saw up moving from Dublin to the small town just over the border in Northern Ireland. This was during “the troubles.” And we needed to be checked before leaving the south. On a whirlwind tour we traveled over most of the country, staying at bed and breakfasts and eating in pubs. Seeing the town where my ancestress Mariah Jane lived was inspiring. Bellinahinch was the name of the town. Probably spelled wrong. Another was coming upon a shepherd and his dog. He showed us how the dog herded the sheep. A trip to the Giant’s Causway was another high point. One day I would like to return and take a more leisurely visit.

Title: Lines of Fyre Challenged

Series: The Guild House – Defenders’ Hall

Author: Janet Lane Walters

Publisher: Books We Love

Release date: January 1, 2020

Cover Artist: Michelle Lee

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Pages: 155

Angry her father, who has ordered her to bond with a man with tainted lines. Lasara plans to escape. Her ability to read the lines of fire makes her a talented duelist. Friends aid her escape. They tell her to seek the Desert Riders and a man called Jens. The meeting is different than she plans. They duel for hours and end in both collapsing. While she recovers she hears about the kidnapping of girls with strong lines of fire, she decides to act to free them. Then she learns about a strange man who has joined her enemy. The Defenders need to know.

Ever since his duel with a Defender Jens wonders if this man could really be his brother. Traveling to the Defender’s Hall doesn’t suit him. He likes his life as a Desert Rider. His band of Riders travels to a village on the edge of the desert. A challenge to see who has the trading advantage is called for. The duel ends in a tie. He is on his way back to the desert when a man from a different troop speaks of young girls being kidnapped. Learning and freeing them becomes his goal. Lasara joins him during the quest. Somehow, they must face the renegades and rescue young women.

Excerpt: Rating 2

Jens laughed. He’d never dueled with a female. This duel will be shorter than any he’d fought.

She met his gaze. “I’m Defender trained. Do we fight to the death?”

He shook his head. “Only until one of us is driven from the circle or loses the sword.” He studied her closely. He’d dueled twice with Defenders. He’d won the first and lost the second. Alric had known how to read the lines of fire making them equal. Jens had learned new tricks during the bout.

He walked to the center of the circle and watched the carts arrive. She joined him. He assessed her. She was tall but nearly a head shorter than his height. He had the longer reach and thus an advantage. As he watched her bright lines, a need to touch her rose. He shook his head.

“A problem?” she asked.

“None.” In her green eyes he saw eagerness. “I’m Jens.”

“Lasara.” She cocked her head and studied him. “Alric told me to seek you.”

He arched an eyebrow. “Why?”

“I needed to be away from the Hall for a time.”

Jens sucked in a deep breath. “We’ll talk after the duel.” He heard rumbling and saw the carts and the rest of the Riders arrive. He closed his eyes and sought his center.

Buy Links: http://bookswelove.net/walters-janet-lane/

Janet Lane Walters has been published for 50 years with a break to return to nursing to help children through college. The mother of four, and grandmother to seven. Janet writes in several genres from contemporary romance, sweet and spicy, fantasy romance, cozy mysteries, suspense, non-fiction. She also writes YA fantasy under J. L. Walters.  She combines her nursing experience in her writing. In her spare time, she dabbles in poetry, Astrology and just being a grandmother.

You can stalk Janet Lane Walters here: https://twitter.com/JanetL717





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  1. I enjoyed your story about wearing orange on St. Patrick’s Day. Where I grew up in Canada (which is historically less Irish-friendly than the US) there were always as much orange worn as green. Since I have nary a drop of blood from the British Isles, I wore blue or yellow so as to stay out of the (mostly friendly) rivalry.

  2. Jan, we have some things in common with astrology, poetry, love of Ireland and fantasy romance. I followed you on Twitter and FB. You sound like a marvelous person to know. Thanks for the post, Cathy!

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