Happy Spring #decluttering #springfever #awriterslife

My forsythia bush

It is finally spring. Here we will still have cool days but some in the 50 and 60. The fruit trees are already budding. I have spring fever already and am getting my house decluttered and rooms organized.

My hubby made me some shelves in my office windows for my house plants. I usually put this outside in summer but I think they will stay right here. Isn’t it pretty? I love the outside feel and garden feel in this room. It makes it airy to me.

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I went to the garden shop in Lowes and got some bulbs. I am going to redo my gardens and I am thinking of color groupings. I love to cut fresh flowers for the house. I need to get out there and get the ground ready though we can’t plant these until May.

I am trying to plant a few things by seed but I hardly ever have luck. We will see soon. I also enjoy a garden but the last two places I tried didn’t do well so I have to find a new one this year. As you see I have big ideas. LOL

Do you plant a garden? What all do you plant? Do you have spring fever?

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