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We all know March is known for St Patrick’s Day, time change, the first day of spring and sometimes even Easter. But it is also National Nutrition Month. With spring we are all eager to get outside, work in our yards, even plant gardens. This week’s guest is Anna Raina and she is bringing us a special guest. “Hi Anna, Who do you have with you?”

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Jacklyn Hollander, a physiotherapist in Washington, DC, and girlfriend of FBI Special Agent Nicolas Hayes. You’re right to assume that my life’s not always a bed of roses—I’m worried almost constantly for Nick. He’s got a dangerous job and has to be on alert twenty-four-seven. Yes, I know I’m overreacting, so I try to calm down by cooking and baking. I found out that baking bread is a wonderful task with a delicious result! Since March is National Nutrition Month, I would like to add my two cents—in this case a bread recipe to your list of things you might try in the kitchen. As a side note—this can be as much fun as making pottery with your partner. If you get my meaning. I think you do.”

 “Here’s the recipe for a whole wheat bread with seeds.”

Ingredients: 500 grams buttermilk, 125 grams sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon syrup, 250 grams whole wheat flour, 250 grams rye flour, 23 grams fresh yeast.

What to do: Knead the ingredients to a dough, put it into a buttered form of about 30 cm length, cover with foil and let it rise for 1 hour in a warm place. Bake the bread in the oven at approx. 200°C for approx. 60 minutes.

Title: Blind Trust

Series: Nick & Jacklyn

Author: Ann Raina

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Release date: October 11th, 2019

Cover Artist: Martine Jardin

Genre: Erotic romance, thriller, crime, BDSM, femdom

Pages: 290 (81.000 words)

 Two bank robberies, a bunch of criminals, and no clues to
their identity. Will Nicolas and his new partner catch them
before they can strike again?

The citizens of Washington, DC, were lucky the bank robbers’ escape truck didn’t explode at the Federal Triangle Station. FBI agents Hayes and Montagna take over the investigation, convinced the robbers will strike again and become more ruthless with every successful assault. While Agent Hayes tries to keep pace with his lover’s kinky bedroom fantasies, Agent Montagna has trouble dealing with his ex-wife’s past and his immediate future, booze and bullets alike.

Excerpt: (moderate erotic impact)

Jacklyn could tell by the way Nicolas put down his backpack and took off his coat and shoes he’d had a stressful day. She cocked her head as she approached him, smiling tentatively. In the year they had been together, she’d learned to read the signs—how he walked in, how he doffed his clothes, how he looked at her. Right then, his eyes were bloodshot, his movements slow and weary. She worried he’d drop what he was holding, so she stood behind him and helped him peel off his suit jacket.

“Too much hard work, hmm?”

“You can’t imagine.” Nicolas pulled her in his arms and whispered in her hair. “But I’m glad I’m home.”

Jacklyn had goosebumps on her arms and a bad feeling in her stomach. “Did anything terrible happen?” They parted, and she put the jacket on a hanger.

“That depends.” He walked to the bathroom and left her no choice but to follow. He took off his dress shirt and pants and swayed on one foot to get rid of the socks. “I botched up catching three bank robbers, and Jason fell down the stairs at the metro and is in the hospital with an injured knee.” He glanced at her. “So, judge for yourself if it was terrible.”

She rubbed his shoulder gently. His muscles were tense, and he reeked of sweat. “I know you work hard and try your best, but… in my eyes, you are perfect. I’m glad Jason wasn’t hurt severely, and I’m convinced you’ll catch the bad guys. You’re good at your job, no matter what happened today.” She kissed him chastely, enjoying the stubble tickling her skin. “Take a shower, and I… or do you want me to stay?” She frowned at his begging gaze. “Just say it.”


Jacklyn bit her lower lip, trying and failing to suppress a smile. “As you wish.”

She took off her clothes and joined him in the shower. Standing behind him, she reached for the shower gel as he leaned against her, moaning quietly. He rolled his shoulders in the warm spray and grabbed her hips. Giggling because she had trouble reaching around him to pour gel in her hand, she kissed him between the shoulder blades, content with his reaction. He pressed his hands against the tiles and hung his head in the rain of water while she took pleasure in washing his body.

Never in her life, had she had a lover with such a trained physique—a man used to sports and martial arts, a man who kept himself lean and healthy without a woman urging him. Nicolas Hayes was six foot two, a gentleman, and a very talented special agent with the FBI, a fact she had learned to respect. In consequence, Jacklyn accepted his odd working hours, tiredness, and—occasionally—his bad moods. How-ever, after she had won him over, she hadn’t regretted a single day.

“If I scrub you any longer, your skin will peel off.”

He turned and wiped the water off his face. “We could change places.”

She burst out laughing. “Naw, it wasn’t me stinking like a bear after hibernation!”

“Oh, that’s how you see me? A bear? Thanks a lot!”

“Minus the fur, but—”

Nicolas pulled her close and kissed her. When they parted, he smiled and appeared much more at ease.

Jacklyn sighed. “I so love the way you make up for your grumpiness.”

He put his hands on her butt. “Do you want me to help you make dinner?”

She frowned and pointedly looked down along their touching bodies. “What kind of dinner are you talking about?”

He turned off the water. “The one with you being my dessert, which I—since it’s my choice—will devour before the main course.”

Jacklyn lifted her chin and raised her brows. “You’re talking about devouring me? What about me and my hunger? I’ve been deprived of your presence the whole day.” She fetched another kiss. “How hungry are you?”

His next kiss was the answer and then some, and Jacklyn melted in his arms.

Buy Links: https://www.extasybooks.com/ann-raina/?product_id=6481


Also available as a paperback.

Meet Ann Raina:

Ann Raina lives and works in Germany with cats and a horse (which has its own home). Riding and writing are her favorite hobbies without putting one above the other. Her latest series, starting with Twisted Mind, sends FBI Agent Nicolas Hayes, and his lover, Jacklyn, into situations that might turn dangerous more often than not.

In all of her books she combines romance, suspense, and humorous elements, for no thrilling story can stand without a comic relief.

You can stalk Ann Raina here: https://www.facebook.com/ann.raina.7

Backlists can be found at https://www.extasybooks.com/ann-raina/

and other book shops online.

Coming soon

Book #4 in the series—Chosen Brothers—will be published this summer.

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