Why mess with time? #daylightsavingstime #MFRWauthor

Join us for week 11 Marketing For Romance Writer’s 52-week blog challenge
The topic for Week 11 is Keep Daylight Savings Time?

My answer is simply no. I see no reason for it, it is confusing, messes up our sleep cycles and why have it anyway? Who makes these rules to just mess with time and flip it up or turn it back? So I say put it back to normal and let’s leave it be.

What do you think? Keep daylight savings time or not? Let’s go see what the other authors have to say on the subject.

1.Why mess with time?2.Dark to Work, Dark to Home
3.Daylight Saving Time: Bleh!

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6 responses to “Why mess with time? #daylightsavingstime #MFRWauthor”

  1. I prefer to have my brighter evenings. I remember when I had my dog. The change didn’t seem to mean much. She still wanted to eat at her regular time no matter what the clock said. Her tummy stayed on one schedule. That’s what I want to do. She must’ve thought I was the one confused.

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