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In like a lion, they say about March. Out like a lamb. March is the transition month between winter and spring. This month, we celebrate Music in Our Schools, Irish American Heritage (that’s me!), The American Red Cross, National Nutrition, Saint Patrick’s Day, and even Women’s History.

For me, this year it’s bittersweet. I joined the US Navy on March 28th, too many years ago to talk about. Because of that, I met my husband of 46 years. I treasure the memory of service and am proud to be called a veteran. But it’s also my younger sister’s birthday on the first day of Spring, March 20th. CJ died in April last year, one day before my birthday.

My sister was one of those people who could get herself in trouble just sitting still. CJ always had some wild plan in action and juggled too many balls to catch them all. She was reclusive and often disappeared from view for months at a time. She would call out of the blue, after not talking to me in forever, and ask some inane question. “Did I have a dog last week?” That was a brain-stopper. How would I have known? I lived in a different state and we hadn’t talked in months. Once, she asked, “Did I tell you my cat got into the oven?” Turned out the kitty wanted some steak that my sister was thawing in there. The cat could get into anything so CJ figured this place was foolproof. Nope. The cat got inside and ate most of the steak before my sister got home and found her. But my favorite off the wall question was “Was I in jail the last time we talked?” LOL

So this month has good things going on and some great memories, but it’s also a time of reflection and longing. I understand eccentric people in a way most probably can’t. But it was my sister’s antics that inspired some of the funnier scenes in my books. I won’t tell you what they are, but let’s just say that I layer in a surprise and a twist as often as possible in a story. After all, for more years than I care to admit, it was my everyday life.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt from today’s book, At the Mercy of Her Pleasure. One reviewer recommended reading it twice. Once to enjoy the story and the second to go back and find all the clues I dropped leading to the surprise ending. Unexpected, funny, heartfelt, and over all too soon. Rather like my sister’s life.

Cat: I also read this one. I am not a big fan of space opera or sci-fi but I really enjoyed this book. I went and bought a couple more in the series and am awaiting the next one. The story has humor, action, great characters and some intriguing twists. To see my full review go to Goodreads: or Amazon:

Title: At the Mercy of Her Pleasure

Series: Antonello Brothers

Author: Kayelle Allen

Publisher: Romance Lives Forever Books

Release date: Aug 2015

Cover Artist: GermanCreative

Genre: science fiction romance, space opera

Pages: 219

To free his enslaved brother from a cruel master, Senth, an all-party-fun-and-games thief, must take on the hardest assignment of his life: stealing from the Empress. To make matters worse, he has no choice but to work with NarrAy, a by-the-book rebel female captain whose addictive pheromones could jeopardize the mission and destroy Senth’s will.
When the unthinkable happens and NarrAy professes her love for him, Senth must decide if what he feels is real. Can he trust this woman? If he loves her back, can he still save his brother? Or will Senth end up at the mercy of her pleasure forever…

Excerpt: (PG)

In this scene from At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, Senth and NarrAy retrieved a locket with a hidden code for a prototype device. The couple narrowly escaped capture by imperial forces while inside the warehouse where it had been kept, and now they’re safely aboard a rebel ship. That is, until they’re rather rudely interrupted by pounding at the door…

“Colonel O’Venna, Captain. Open up.”

Senth shot to his feet.

NarrAy opened the door.

“Here.” The colonel handed her a notereader. “This is what the cryptographers deciphered from the locket you retrieved. Do you have any idea what it means?”

SUGAR IS SWEET. NarrAy laid a hand over her heart. “But I thought the locket held a key to their technology. Their formula. Their secret.”

“Instead”–the man tapped the notereader –“it’s some riddle. Does this mean anything to you? Anything at all?”

She read it aloud. “‘Sugar is sweet.’ I have no idea what–Oh no. No.” She sank onto the bed. “She wouldn’t have. Surely not.”

“Captain.” O’Venna’s voice carried a warning. “If you know anything…”

“What is it, NarrAy?” Senth stooped beside the bed. “What’s it mean?”

“There’s a holopic of my father right after my folks found out they’d been approved to conceive a Better. Me.” NarrAy lifted the paper with a weary hand. “Mom had this corny poem micro etched on the bottom.’ Sugar is sweet. Babies are too. Our little girl will be like you.’ She designed me as a female replica of my father. Not a clone, you understand, but a Better version of him. She always wanted me to act like him too. She could never understand why I didn’t follow him into a science career the way she had.”

The colonel pointed to the reader. “You’re saying their secret is hidden inside a holopic?”

“Yes. I’m afraid so. She must have feared the locket would fall into the wrong hands.” She turned to Senth. “And the holopic…”

Senth hit his forehead. “Oh no!”

“Oh yes. The holopic is back in the warehouse on Tarth.”

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Meet Kayelle Allen

Kayelle Allen writes space opera with larger than life, unforgettable characters. Come walk in her worlds and meet her misbehaving robots, mythic heroes, immortal gamers, and warriors who purr.

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A Stolen Heart (Antonello Brothers series)

In A Stolen Heart, you’ll meet the mischievous hero from At the Mercy of Her Pleasure as a three-year-old boy. Here’s the blurb. The book is almost finished!

After rescuing a half-alien / half-human child who’s running for his life, warrior-turned-entrepreneur Luc Saint-Cyr stumbles onto a conspiracy at the highest levels of the powerful Thieves’ Guild. Complicating matters, Luc’s immortal ex might be involved. Now Luc must deal with his ex, find a home for the child, squelch the flames of conspiracy and eradicate its perpetrators. As if that’s not enough, an unseen enemy is undoing every good thing Luc accomplishes. But when it comes time to give up the child to a family who can care for him, how will Luc bear to part with the adorable little boy who has stolen his heart…

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  1. Oh, gosh. I’m going to get the swell head reading this. Love you both! Thank you for the review, Cathy. It’s always a treat when someone loves a story. Senth is sooo much fun to write. I adore him. The book I just finished (YAY!!) is about him as a toddler, and how he came to be adopted by Luc. So much heart in this one. If you love touching stories with humor and a touch of drama, A Stolen Heart will do it.

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