He is how old?#birthdays #familygathering #announcement

I know last week I said I would have an announcement this week and there may be changes ahead. First I want to talk about this weekend. My son is turning 39 on the 3rd. I knew it was coming up but it just slipped up on me.

So Sunday we did his birthday meal. He is always torn between ribs or brinner (sausage and gravy and eggs) This year he is having trouble deciding. It is his first without his daughter and those were two of her favorite meals as well. Plus he is not in the celebrating mood.

Ribs are not as expensive as you may think. If you have a freezer (and if you have a big family you should) Always buy things like this on sale during its season. We prefer baby backs but find the St Loius cuts are good too. Though the spare ribs are big and meaty just take longer to cook and get tender. I try to keep a couple of packages in the freezer once we use them I watch for sales on the next. Sam’s club has these reasonable a lot and you get three slabs in a package for what around here in my small town we pay for one. Pork is something my stomach only tolerates in smaller portions so I only eat it a few times a month. (except bacon). I have shared how to cook ribs a few times. I smoke them for him. But with the instant pot craze, I thought I would share this recipe with you. https://www.wellplated.com/instant-pot-ribs/ and I have done them in the crockpot and this works well for the cheaper cuts like the spare ribs. And this one is only three ingredients. https://thefrugalgirls.com/2014/06/easy-crockpot-bbq-coca-cola-ribs.html

Happy 39th birthday to my lovely son! (Hard to believe we are the same age now LOL)

He chose Brinner. Can you believe he picked sausage and gravy over ribs or steak LOL? Here is my Gravy recipe he loves so much. I use about 1/4 cup of sausage grease or a combination of bacon and sausage grease, a couple of TBS of flour, salt, and pepper. stir this until it has a creamy consistency and the flour taste cooks out some. Add three cups of milk (he prefers the whole I use 2 percent). I taste for seasoning here. Cook until thickened. (usually right after boiling) You want a creamy consistency not a thick pudding one if it gets too thick slowly add more milk or some hot water. You can freeze gravy. I put it in individual serving size cups for myself for the week but there is hardly ever any left. This is very budget-friendly and if you need to you can use half milk and half water. All the money in it is the milk. My mom used to give us bread sometimes if we didn’t have biscuits so this is a good way to use older bread.

Now for that announcement. I have had several of you ask me why I didn’t do a cookbook. The easy answer is I don’t measure. Well, I decided to start working on that project so I won’t be sharing lots of recipes every week. However, I will be talking about Budget planning, sharing tips on stocking a pantry and probably just one recipe. It still may not be measured out LOL. This book (2 actually one on budget planning, and frugal cooking the other the companion cookbook) will not be published this year. I am hoping for the holiday season next year though. There is a lot of work in developing recipes so I am working on one or two a night and also planning menus.

Do you live on a food and household budget? does something like this appeal to you? know anyone it might? feel free to send them to this blog to keep up to date on the progress and learn a little as we go!

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  1. I gave up eating red meat a couple of years ago, but when I see barbecued ribs advertised on TV, I crave having them over any other red meat. My stomach would not like me if I gave in. Have fun creating your cookbook, Cathy! Sounds exciting. Happy Birthday to your son.

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