An Egg-cellant Idea #versatilty #frugal #eggs

Hi Ya’ll. First I would like to thank you all for visiting my Monday Menu planning posts. It seems to be a favorite on my blog. I also have been asked a few times why I don’t write a cookbook. My answer was always…I don’t measure ingredients. I have been thinking long and hard and this week I have a new idea. I am going to work on some things this week and I may have an announcement next week here on the post. If you are in my reader’s group you will find out Saturday or Sunday. Also look for changes to this post as well.

As you see from the title this week is about eggs. I know that is more an Easter thing and yes I will probably post again for easter but for now, this is about making easy, quick and easy on the budget meals. I know eggs get a bad rap for cholesterol and stuff but I eat a dozen at least a week and my cholesterol is good. NOTE: I am not advocating going against any dctors orders so if in doubt be sure to ask a doctor or eat in moderation.

Eggs are a good source of protein. Not only are they good for breakfast, but they make a good lunch, a good snack and also good dinners. And yes you can make dinner from them that is not breakfast for dinner. I boil a dozen every Sunday in my Instant Pot. It’s so easy hit the egg button (4 minutes let it come to pressure, release, sit 5 minutes in cold water, peels so easy. I put them in a bowl in the fridge for snacks. My hubby likes to just grab a couple and eat in the evening. I sometimes do it in the afternoon. I use them to make egg salad for lunch, or cut up in my tuna or chicken salad or just top a salad.

We all know the basic breakfast recipes like fried or scrambled eggs, poached or even eggs benedict (one of my favorites) But how about an egg muffin to grab when you want a snack or a breakfast on the go here is one kids might like… Here is a Keto or low carb one I have made this and doubled it with all the different toppings then freeze some on a cookie sheet then put in freezer bags to grab when you need them. My Picky grandson likes the ones without veggies. another good one is an egg casserole. These are great for brunches on the weekend or you can make them up overnight and bake in the morning or even do a crockpot one for a hot breakfast on a busy morning

Now on to lunch. I mentioned a few ideas above such as sandwiches or adding to salad or Tuna but how about

I love avocado and egg toast for lunch

This would be a good dinner with a side salad. I like Heovos rancheros for dinner with some refried beans Another favorite served with rice and beans or with crusty bread and a side salad and Omelettes are good any time of the day.

Do you like eggs? What is your favorite egg dish that is not the typical fried or scrambled?

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  1. Great share, Cathy. I like veggie omelettes, egg salad, and an egg casserole for busy mornings with company. I don’t eat eggs every week but when i do it might be a couple times a week any time of day.

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