Girls Stay-at-home Retreat #friends #comfortfood #crafts

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This past week I was gone all week to stay with a friend. It has been a year since I went to stay. The week went by much too fast.

Menu wise we ate simple comfort food meals.

Monday: Was Chicken fajitas and nachos. I made guacamole She cut up three very large chicken breasts, three colored bell peppers a large onion. She cooked the onion and bell peppers until just done. Then she cooked the chicken until done. She put it all in the same pan covered with fajita seasoning and added the proper amount of water it called for. For the nachos, she browned the meat, drained it added a can of drained black beans and a packet of taco seasoning. we ate the taco meat on chips with shredded cheese and the chicken on soft shells with our choice of toppings.

Tuesday: Fried Chicken legs, Chicken fingers, Mashed potatoes, corn and 5-cup salad My friend makes the best-mashed potatoes and uses instant ones. she shows me every time and I just cannot duplicate hers. This 5 cup salad is similar to hers except she used drained can peach cut up instead of coconut.

Wednesday: oven-fried pork steak, and leftover sides from the night before plus deviled eggs and dessert pizza. Her Pork steak was so good. She simply coated it with strawberries seasoning baked at 350 for 30 minutes on each side then turned up to broil on high 3-4 minutes. The dessert pizza she used the sugar cookie recipe we used for our baby showers last summer. It is more shortbread and not sweet. but you can use any sugar cookie recipe, even a packet fo store-bought. Shape like a pizza bake according to directions let cool. In the meantime make fruit dip. or the one I use 8 oz softened cream cheese, 1 tub cool whip, and a TBS vanilla or other flavoring. (I use a cheesecake flavoring or almond) Blend well. Spread the dip on top of the pizza and layer with your choice of fruit. this can be adapted with the seasons. We used a sliced apple and some strawberries. this time. (tip-we only put half the fruit on since that was all we were eating the first night.)

Thursday: I was back home. We had chicken fried steak from a bag since it was late when we got home. Fried potatoes, biscuits. leftover 5 cup salad and cookie pizza I brought home.

Friday I had planned to cook a special seafood meal for hubby but he wasn’t feeling well so canned chili it was.

Here is the cute craft I made for my activity center wall I am planning with a to-do board (next up), a calendar and this adorable tin menu board. I am making and selling these.

How was your week? Did you celebrate Valentine’s day?

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  1. We didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at my house. Where we’re from (isolated Canadian mountain town), V Day is for kids rather than grownups. Even when we moved to the States we never got into the swing of it.

    • I worked in it for twenty years and found its just commercialization. When I was a kid it was fun making a box from shoeboxes to collect cards from others in your class. Dad got mom a pretty candy heart and us the small ones with a few pieces. Nothing expensive or over the top. Now people send huge bears kids can barely carry and bouquets of balloons to school. It makes the ones getting nothing feel worse. If your sending do it at home and think of the underprivileged. Heck I had two men asking me out while buying gifts for their “friends’)and many propositions. so I have a little bitter taste in my mouth. It should be a lovely intimate thing between lovers and family. Just my two cents lol

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