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I am still trying to get in the swing of a schedule. This past week was better but I am still struggling. My friend and I have started walking in the evenings so that has put a hamper in mealtime. She doesn’t get off work until four and likes to get a cup of coffee and eat dinner. ( Her husband usually has it ready for her. By then it is 5-530…whne we normally cook. So I have to cook ours earlier which my husband doesn’t want to eat too early, or later which I don’t want to do after I get home from walking. I managed some compromising this week.

Here are a few of the meals we had. Panfried cod ( thaw out a few chicken breast for that day as well and I will tell you why in a minute) Fried tacos, Hot wings, Hashbrowns with eggs and sausage

I have talked about our brinner a lot so I wont bore you with details, but learn to cook a bag of frozen hash browns. It is super easy, can be a main dish or side and inexpensive. My husband likes it as a main dish with sausage, hamburger or ham mixed in and an egg cooked on the top at the end. I am going to try to start getting my recipes in better order.

Hot wings are another versatile dish. You basically fry the wing then dip it in your favorite sauce and heat in the oven a few minutes or serve as is. I always leave a few with no sauce for my husband. I could eat these every day. I season my wings with salt pepper and garlic powder dip in flour also seasoned the same. Let sit ten minutes and roll in more flour while the grease gets hot. Fry until golden and Done throughout (bout 10-15 minutes) Toss in your sauce ( I used Franks red hot. It is my favorite and mild but the right amount of heat. One week I will do a wing day with more sauces)

Fried tacos are an easy kid-friendly meal. Make your taco meat (I used 1 and a half pounds 90-10 ground beef) 1 taco season and make as you wold tacos. Add 4 ounces cream cheese 4 ounces shredded cheddar and stir until blended (we use the mixer) cut the large tortilla shells in half fold again and seal with a flour or cornstarch past fill with meat and seal. this makes about 20 tacos. Serve with guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and your favorite taco toppings.

I remembered to take a photo

This was my favorite meal of the week. Panfried cod with mushroom farro (white rice for the family) and steamed broccoli. I thawed the frozen unbreaded cod and three chicken breasts as well. We weren’t sure if the grandie boy would eat the fish and my DIL wasn’t sure if she would like it and if they did she wanted a piece of chicken for a salad the next day for lunch and so did I. Rince the fish season with salt pepper and I used a little soul food seasoning, you can use the seasoning of your choice. I heated a very small amount of olive oil in a skillet for each fish and chicken and put the chicken on first. I lightly coated with bread crumbs and put into the hot oil and added a tablespoon of butter. I let the chicken cook 5 minutes and my package of farro. The minute rice takes 5 minutes. Then I started the fish. It took about 10 minutes total. The farro was a box mix. I liked it no one else did. e fish was a hit. everyone liked it. And The DIL and I had a pice of chicken for our lunch the next day in a salad that was awesome. I am sorry I didn’t get that photo. Next week I will try to get more pics.

Do you have a quick recipe that saves your busy day?

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