Some things are Best Kept to Yourself #MFRWauthor #politics #iwillstayoutofit

Welcome back to the 52-week-MFRWbloghop Challenge. This is week 5 and the topic is  Can you talk politics with family and friends?

This is a simple topic for me. Can I? Yes. My family is just my brother and Dad now, and my children. None of us are very politically minded. We all vote and that is about the end of it. My best friend and I are at the opposite ends of the spectrum on politics so we keep our opinions to ourselves.

Now. Having said that… Do I discuss politics with family, friends or even online? Nope. My aforementioned friend is the only one close enough to me I would even broach such a personal topic. I know her feelings on the matters if she needs to rant I listen. We do not fight or debate it. There are many better things to discuss in my opinion. I said it and I am done…

Since the question was can we talk about it not my opinion…I think I answered the question well LOL. See I didn’t debate! I would rather look at cute baby pics.

Or how about kittens.

Chloe guarding Fred

Now let’s go see what the other MFRW authors have to say on this touchy subject.

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    • I like my blog, and pages as happy as possible or upbeat when I can, sure there is some sad life stuff but I try to keep politics and religion to myself.

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