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I have had a sore throat and mild cough since my birthday the first week of January. The weather here has been like a yoyo. One or two days in the high 50’s or 60’s then sliding back to 40 and even 30. The nights colder. We have begun our schedule of appointments again and this week we had three. Ay least two of them were kinda fun. Monday was a sort of girls out with one of my best friends and my daughter-in-law another of my besties. After bestie one and I walked at the rec center we went across the river to the mall and checked out the clearance racks. I made out like a bandit and wasn’t even planning to shop. Then we went to the diet clinic where I stocked up on b-12. They had a great sale and it was like getting a full month free for me. Now if only it helps with my stomach and fatigue. The weight loss if any will be a bonus LOL. I ended up falling twice this week. That is a total of three times this month already. Luckily I only have bruises and a bit more backache.

When I was a kid mom always had a small thing of whiskey in the kitchen cupboard and when we got sick she made hot toddies out of that, dr pepper or coke, honey, and lemon. (if we didn’t have the soda it was water). And yes I know you are not supposed to give alcohol to kids but it helped us and I did not become an alcoholic. These were given very occasionally, mostly in winter when we had a touch of flue or bronchitis. She did give us Vicks 4-way cold tablets, orange juice, and rub us down with Vicks salve or Mentholatum.

Friday night I woke up in the middle of the night burning up with fever, a bursting headache, couldn’t talk and began hacking. I soon went into full-blown asthma attacks and dealt with that all-day Friday. Saturday wasn’t as bad but I kept on my breathing treatments. My over the counter cough meds wasn’t cutting it so I pulled out my stand by home remedy. It is made of Yukon Gold Whiskey pure horehound candy ( we have to order off the internet and make sure it isn’t imitation.)If you can’t find that Pure Sassafrass candy works too but it has to be pure not imitation or those rootbeer barrels. Honey again raw works best, local even better no imitation. Lemon (option) pour your bottle of whiskey ( I get a small bottle but not the one drink kind) it fits perfectly in a pint Mason Jar. WE add a good handful of candy (enough to lay on the bottom of the jar.) You don’t want it too full or they won’t melt. add the honey a good half cup. Just a few squeezes of Lemon juice if you are using it. Stir well melting the honey and stir daily to melt cady or shake. WE started using a quart jar to make it easier to stir and we add more candy once after the first batch melts. Let this set a week or so. When you run low, start another batch or do like we do two batches at a time. I took a couple of big doses twice last night and feel much better today. Sometimes one of mom’s hot toddies and a hot soak in the tub with eucalyptus salt is good too. Here is a link to a homemade cough syrup but it is a little different and uses peppermint.

In case you don’t believe me about whiskey being a cure for bronchitis here is an article with some remedies. You will find the hot toddy recipe here if you scroll through And I am in no way saying do not go to a doctor if you need one. just that sometimes there are home remedies to use for common colds and bronchitis. If it persists, by all means, get to a professional.

I was better Saturday but still a little wheezy and cough when I got up and moved around a lot. WE haven’t been cooking much so I thought I would make some chicken soup like mom used to but in the Instapot. Shew would make a big pot of chicken noodle soup or dumplings, and homemade chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies. (I am sure the cookies had no healing factors but they sure made us happy. She would let us lay on the couch with a warm blanket ( I wish we had these soft fluffy ones back then) and watch cartoons or a family movie. Sometimes we would sit at the table and work a puzzle with mom while dad watches football or baseball. If we were really bad and need to be in bed she would let me read a book and if I didn’t have one she would go to the library and get me one. She and the librarian knew what I wanted LOL. So Saturday I wanted the comfort of the noodle soup and it is supposed to have healing factors as well. Like, mom, I don’t use a recipe. I just cook my chicken with onion, celery and some chopped carrots in some broth and water on the meat setting, shred the chicken add the noodles ( I like egg noodles or bow ties, twists, something hearty) This recipe is pretty much how I make mine. I do cook my chicken just a little longer I think like 15. If I plan to quick-release I do twenty. (if you use frozen you may need to add a little more time too.

Pinterest has all sorts of home remedies from homemade vapor rub to shower bombs. And shower melts

While we are at it how about a cookie recipe just for the smiles of it. And a flourless Chocolate, chocolate chip one for those of us that are supposed to lay of flour…And now I am craving chocolate..–1/cookies/Ghirardelli-Flourless-Fudgy-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies

Do you have a home remedy you use when you are sick? What makes you feel better when you are sick?

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