Did you win?#holidayhangout #giveaway #winners

Hi, ya’ll! I hope you had a happy Holiday. I also hope you had a chance to enter the giveaway. Did you get what you wanted?

I am ready to announce the winner s of our big Holiday hangout. These gifts will stay open a week to give you time to claim then you will forfeit so be sure to check your email and spam folders.

The Grand Prize Winner of the Kindle Fire 7 & $ 7gift card from Tara Lain 4 $10 gift card from Susan Mac Nichol & $5 gift cards from Mary Caelsto and Misty Harvey are. Debra Wolslebendl. I will send out the Kindle, the cards will arrive from individual authors so check your emails and spams for letters.

The winner of Caroline Clemmon’s Angel Creek Christmas Bide 7 ebook is Mandi Smith

The winner of Cynthia Terelst’s The Cat’s out of the Bag is Bev

The winner of Tara Lain’s Cowboys Don’t Come Out is Faith Creech faith (this is one of my all-time favorite reads)

The winner of Isobel Starling’s ebook Shooting Season is Kelly S Delrosso

The winner of Patricia Kiyono’s ebook of Christmas Collection is Nataly Carbonell

The Winner of Rick R Reed’s ebook Dinner at Home is Jean Patton

The winner of Kate Hill’s PDF of Spirit of Christmas.

The winner of Alice Renaud’s A Merman’s Choice, book 1 Sea of Love series (pdf), or Music for a Merman, book 2 (pdf, mobi epub ) is Anita Kennett

The winner of Misty Harvey gift card Debra Wolsleben And ebook Opsetti Guard is Tamara Regan
The winner of Flossie Benton Rogers ebook Time Singer Killah

The winner of C.W. Gray’s The Alpha’s Christmas Wish Lisa

The winner of Linda Mooney Winners choice one ebook Nikki Johnson Davis power the winner of the audio is Rachel Griesmer

The winner of Gayle Irwin gift card is (part of the grand prize) Debra Wolsleben the ebook is Renee Grandinetti

The winner of Dee S Knight ebook only A Good Man Will Do is Mya Murphy

The winner of J.L. Peridot’s ebook It Starts With A kiss Samantha Martin

The winner of Tammy Middleton’s ebook winners choice Bilqees Bano

The winner of Mary Caelsto 5 dollar gift card grand prize Debra Wolsleben

The winner of Susan Mac Nichol 10 dollar card ( Grand Prize) Debra Wolsleben and ebook from backlist to Tina Bartunek

The winner of Vicki and RJ Scott”s ebook Across The Pond Zara Heflin

The winner of Leona Bushman’s Hunter Witch and Shrew on audible for UK or US. Jeffrey Raiffe

The winner of Amber Daulton’s ebook Arresting Mason Jackie

The winner of Linda O’Conner’s ebook Perfectly Christmas is Debra Lars

The winner of Helen Henderson’s ebook is Cindi Knowles

Congratulations and watch for those emails! Now that the Holidays are over, are you ready to take down all the pretty decorations or are you leaving them up a while?


How are you planning on spending New Years?

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners. Cathy, I have very little decorations up this year. I’m okay about putting them away, but I’ll wait until after New Year’s Day. I guess it’s kind of a tradition for me to wait until then. How about you?

    • Blame Vicki for the love of my little gnomes and that I found this artist on pixabay her name is Annalise like my great grandbaby LOL I’ll mark you contacted and Ill email them as well.

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